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I'm 21 yrs. what are my chances of my high risk Hpv to go away on it's own?
Is there a negative effect of repeated cryotherapy?

Also, I was told that for my men there is no test... How will my partner get treated so we won't re-infect?
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Read some of those posts.  Very helpful, lots of info!

Dr. Handsfield is excellent!
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I also recommend this site as there was a study done on the topic.. :)
That study was highly successful as I understand it and I was a member of it. That's all I can say about it due to not remembering what they said I could mention.  I can say they were very friendly but precise on many things!
I felt comfortable with them. I have a high risk hpv for cancer, the type that most often turns to cancer. I've never had symptoms of warts, I've always been asymptomatic, thank goodness.
Best to you in your research.

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It is a virus and there is NO cure.  It will not go away.  Sorry.  I too have this and so do like 80% of the female population and they don't know it.  It is actually very very common and can lay dormant for years.
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this seriously... I waited and ended up with cervical cancer. You require a pap smear at least once per year. I did not and was so sorry... my family and friends were wonderful, but I DON'T want to put them through that ever again!! I fear every day the cancer will come back... God has blessed me tremendously... honestly... take this virus very seriously and get checked out...
two year and counting survivor
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I also have HPV i was tested for cancer 1 1/2 ago but i have no insureance to go back to the doctor what should i do??
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the truth is some people never have symptoms but carry the virus, if you get rid of the warts the virus is still in your blood stream.  

i also have my own question if you have warts in your vaginal area and you use unprotectec sex can you give oral sex i dont want to recieve but can you give it to someone and not give them hpv.
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