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Had my period, but still wondering if I could be pregnant?

Hello everyone,

This question is a follow-up of my first post, which asked for outside opinions on the possibly of being pregnant. I discussed that I had a bit of nausea and breast-tenderness a week after being intimate with my boyfriend. I wasn't sure if my symptoms were related to stress or not. I decided not to take a pregnancy test until I actually missed my period. I was able to calm myself down.

Last week, my period came right around the time it was supposed to. I had cramping and felt the way I normally do when I menstruate.

I've been on Birth Control pills for 2 years. My boyfriend and I have always used a condom, although we usually don't put it on until he's ready to finish. He's never ejaculated inside me and we've never had any big pregnancy scares. We are both young and don't want to have a child, so we use both methods of contraception to ensure that it doesn't happen.

However, the last time we slept together the condom accidentally came off inside me when we pulled apart after finishing. I was afraid that because of this, I might have somehow conceived. This happened on February 14th; the last time my boyfriend and I had sex.

I stressed out about it for nearly 3 weeks due to experiencing breast-tenderness and nausea. On the 4th of March I started my placebo pills and my period arrived on the 6th, lasting until the 10th. I was extremely relieved when it came and my breast-tenderness and nausea went away during this time.

In the beginning of my period, my blood was a brownish color and slowly turned into a pinkish red. It was a little bit heavy on the 7th, covering most of the tampon. There wasn't any obvious clotting and it became very light on the last couple of days...There was hardly anything on the tampon by Friday the 9th. My periods are normally like this. They usually only last a few days and aren't very heavy, except for the first day or two.
I don't recall there being any dark red blood. It was just a light-red color that was sort of a thick mucus-like substance (only on the first day) which turned into pinkish-red and then back to brown spotting before it ended.

I've done research online and have read about many different instances where women have had vaginal bleeding while still being pregnancy. Nothing that I've read has answered my questions or put my mind at ease.

My period, or rather, my "pill-period" (not my natural period) came right when it was supposed to when I stopped taking active pills and started the placebo's. I didn't have any spotting prior to my period. I've reassured myself over and over again that I'm not pregnant because I didn't miss my period. I don't have any breast-tenderness at this time. I've been feeling fine.
I do have some minor nausea, which started when I began taking my new pack of birth control pills, but nothing to cause any vomiting. I've also recently noticed that I've been bloated for the past couple days. I have a bit of a pooch right below my belly button. I'm very thin--- about 108 pounds and 5'2 tall. I might have already had this pooch from lack of exercise, but I've just now taken notice to it.

Though I've never experienced any side-effects from my birth control, I've begun to wonder if these symptoms are just being caused by my pill?

Please forgive this long post, but I wanted to explain in detail what's been going on. I need to know if there's even any reason for me to worry?

What are the odds that I'm pregnant, even after having my period?  

Thank you for reading and any responses are appreciated.

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