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Hair grow on clitoris ?

Okay so I have had this little pimple on my clitoris and it is extremely painful, red and swollen. I was suggested that I use a hot compress to soothe the pain and reduce redness. As I used the compress the pimple started to reduce in size and at some point I noticed a small but sharp little hair protuding out of it. I was very surprised as I didn't know hair grows on clitoris. I decided to Google a bit and found out it is probably a hair stuck inside my clitoral hood and I should pull it out. But I can't find it anymore and idk what to do. The pain is much bearable now but I am scared it will get worse again and that the hair is probably still hiding there.
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Another option if you can't get to a doctor immediately is to take a sitzbath every day, put something in the water like a small amount of white vinegar, and just soak for 15-20 minutes. It might help the swelling go down.
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Can you get a second opinion?  lol  I know you think this is a hair that is stuck but what if it is an actual hair follicle that is infected?  It's really probably best if you get it looked at I'm sorry to say.  You don't want to be digging at the area that is already inflamed and painful.  
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