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Hard bony lump on 11th & 12th left rib

I am female age 35, not overweight. My medical history; I had an unprovoked deep vein thrombosis in my right thigh in 2009. My mother & grandmother both died of breast cancer. That's it.
Around october 2010, i noticed that my bottom left rib was protruding quite signifcantly. It is very visible to the eye.
The lump feels like it is part of my rib. The lump is rock solid and not perfectly round, although it peaks like a volcano.
It doesn't move. I suffer with back aches in the same area of my rib. I also have aching ribs when standing or sitting for a while. It doesn't hurt but more aches when i prod it.
I went to my gp in october as emergency. My gp said that he hasn't seen anything like it and asked if i have been in an accident. He referred me straight away to a specialist.
I have had lot's of blood tests which all came back normal. I had a chest x-ray which came back normal. I then had a bone scan which also came back normal. Every doctor who looks at the lump seems startled and say it's quite significant. I am now waiting for an MRI & CT scan but am unsure if this will detect anything?
I feel quite run down. My only recent symptoms is that i am having a lot of cold sweats. I am sweating every night at bed time but cold at the same time. I am also experiencing this occasionally throughout the day, depending on what i'm doing. This could just be a coincidence. Does anybody know what this solid lump could be especially as the x-ray and bone scan came back normal. Has anybody had the same and what was it or what could it be?
It's a worrying time when you don't know and i can't stick the waiting.
Thanks guys very much!
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Please look at the photo of my rib. Will give you an idea.
Does anyone have the same?
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ur photographs have reminded me a lady having same prob.....but as much as i know her she is fine now....i will ask her and soon let u know about that....

the other thing which u wrote of cancer ....got remedy in ayurveda..if u got original and  right medicines...but u need 2 be on very strict diet.....

soon i will be with solutions........
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Thanks! Any advise, thoughts or similar stories would be appreciated.
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I have the EXACT same thing!  In November, I noticed a very similar lump on my left ribs.  After my family doctor ordered an x-ray, which showed calcification, but he said it was rare for my age (early 30s) and also should not be painful, which it is, so he sent me to a Rheumatologist who was concerned about bone cancer and sent me for blood work and a CT scan.  Both came back negative.  Still not being satisfied with not having a diagnosis, I was referred to orthopedic and cosmetic surgeons, but neither wanted to see me or specialized in ribs, and was then referred to a thoracic surgeon who scheduled me for a bone scan.  My follow up appt is not until next week, but I called this morning to see if the results were in and the nurse said they were negative.  So, now I am just completely frustrated that I have this painful thing protruding from my ribs, but no one can tell me what or why.  It just doesn't make sense.  Please let me know how your journey goes and if you get any answers!  Good luck.
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I'm a 25 year old Male and about 6 months ago I noticed the same knot on my 11th left rib. I sneezed one day an it sent a sharp pain through that area. I never thought anything of it until about 4 months ago when I was going to donated a kidney and they did all the work up to see if I was a healthy candidate and my bone scan showed a mass in my 11th left rib.The docotors told me I needed to get it biopsied to rule out cancer, but I never did go in due to a lack of insurance, but now it is protruding out of my back and it is painful. Some days it hurts to take a deep breath and its hard to sleep at night. I go see the oncologist on friday to set up a biopsy.
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Hey! Wow, I'm a 26 yr old female and I have the exact same thing on my right 12th rib. I just saw the third doctor this past tuesday, which was a thorasic doctor as well. He, along with the previous 2 doctors, have never seen anything like it. He is meeting with other doctors on Tuesday for an open discussion and is going to bring up my rare case. Sounds like we have the exact same thing. My blood test came back completely fine, never have had any health issues, not on any medication, and its been there for about 2 1/2 months. They will let me know next Tuesday if I should go ahead and get an open biopsy. Sounds like thats what you did. How did everything go if you dont mind me asking? Hope everything went okay for you. An open biopsy scares me and I don't want a scar on my side. :/

I feel like mine may be like a bone tumor or something. I dont know but I am curious about yours since this is obviously so rare!

Thanks Anthony and I hope to hear back from you soon.

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What did you guys end up finding out? I'm having same weird symptoms and bulge and cyst like thing. I met with a thoracic surgeon today waiting for answers. Please let me know what happened'
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I find out today if I need a biopsy and what the doctors are suggesting. I will keep you posted. Have you gone to see any doctors about it yet?
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Have you heard anything?
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Did you find anything out about your lump? i have the same on my left side on 12th rib, was told it was cartliage but i have a CT scan tomorrow to investigate further..... little concerned.  Hope yours was ok in the end?
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This is so bizarre- I have the exact same thing- it even looks the exact same as your picture. Have you ever breastfed a baby? A friend of mine thought maybe a calcification from that but I am going for PET scan on Monday. My blood work up came back fine and the X-ray didn't show anything. I'm a 28 year old mother of two kiddos and stopped nursing the second one about 6 months ago.

I do, however, have a history of cancer but I have been in remission for more than 25 years (I was 2 1/2 when I was diagnosed). I think that is why my doc is having me go to the PET scan right away. At least that's what I'm hoping. I'm hoping she's just being very cautious and getting all the answers she can without running a whole bunch of tests. Have any of you gotten any answers at all?? I would be nice to be able to sleep a little bit this weekend before going in for this test on Monday.
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Hello, I was looking at your photo and was wondering if you ever got a diagnosis?  I have a mass that is identical to yours on my left side as well.  I just had a ct scan and am quite worried about the results.
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I have the same exact thing and I've had a CT and MRI scan - both came out negative. The doctor thinks it's a benign tumor and thinks it'll grow and so I'm having surgery to have it removed in a month. But I'm scared because the doctors in my area aren't all that great and I've been misdiagnosed a number of times. Did you ever find out what yours was?
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Hello I came across this post and was so glad of it as I have exactly the same thing a weird shape on my left hand side rib I will try to post it up so it can be seen as its exactly the same . It appears had the same reaction from the NHS my local GP ran out of the room to fetch a colleague who then sent me to A&E who told me that yes something is going on but that since I would not die the same day I should go back to my GP. MY lump has been very painful and seems to get worse at some times flairing up in size and pain, its a hard hard mass but since finding it I had Pet Scan, CT & Pet, Ultra sound and X ray all of which showing nothing however consultants I am seeing for other things like Gyno and Autoimmune and a tumour I have in my salivary glands are all very alarmed . I was so relieved to know that at least one of more women had this and had the same miserable results from any investigation what I am now hoping is that someone can report back any success of either getting some kind of scan that shows this up or reliable diagnosis of what is causing this to occur as I now think I am developing one of the right side too. I am loosing all confidence in medics as the ideas springing out are inconsistent and cuasing everyone to scratch their heads. I have been told that scans in fact are told what to look for like cancer, inflamation and so do not report outside this, I am very upset in this as it appears I have taken on loads of exposure to radiation for no useful benefit and I remain suffering a lot of pain it feels like do it yourself consultancy. Anyone who can let me know anything they found out would be immensely appreciated as the tread ends with people waiting for results so I am none the wiser on what happened next, Please please help if you were either one of these ladies or a medic who can help me take something to my GP on a way forward. its clearly visable so not  my imagination I do not understand how a lump that can be seen has not shown itself on any of these results so any heads up on why and what to do would be a great comfort. I hope you are all well now and can share your experience. thanks for listening  
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