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Has anyone had the essure procedure done?

I'm 27 years old. No children and dont want any children. I spoke with my doctor and he informed me about essure. I've read the pamphlets he gave me and did some independent research online as well. I just wanted to hear from woman who have personally had it done. What your dude effects were. Would you recommend it? They sort of thing. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Are you aware of the class action lawsuits against Bayer/Essure; I believe there have been 2 or 3 in the past few years ?  Supposedly the women involved have suffered through severe health complications and serious injuries because of the device. I'm not trying to scare you, or talk you out of the procedure, but I thought this is something that you should be aware of... BTW, I think AnnieBrooke (previous poster) has made some fine points to consider.
Take Care
Thank you! I was not aware of that. But I'll be looking into it. I'm on the fence about the procedure. And in leaning towards a tubal ligation.
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I'm wondering why you don't just get an IUD.
There are a couple reasons for that. Lol. I'm still on the fence about having something inside my body. And I can't have any estrogen or progesterone.
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I just had Essure removed in January of this year after being sick for 4 years from the numerous complications. Currently Erin Brokovich is fighting to have Essure recalled and there is a Essure complications group on Facebook with over 26K sufferers. Also, Dr. Eric Sills will be on October 12 episode of The Doctors discussing Essure. Please watch the episode and if you're still considering Essure, check out the Essure problems page on Facebook. Essure RUINED my health.
Oh that's horrible! I hope your health is on the right track back to normal! If you don't mind my asking, what were the reasons for your decision to remove ensure. I'll have to check out the Facebook page. Thank you!
Thank you...In December 2015 after having another cold that lasted a month, I suddenly knew something was off and I realized I had been sick since I had Essure implanted and I googled it and found the FB Essure Problems page with all these woman experiencing the same side effects. A few days later I was flipping through channels and came across The Doctors episode where a woman who had Essure had all of the same side effects. I found the doctor who was on that episode and he was in my city and I immediately made an appointment. I had Hair loss, weight gain, brain fog, bloating to a point where it hurt (E-belly), pelvic pain, painful intercourse. I suddenly started getting bad colds that lasted over a month, ended up in the ER 3 times that year when my colds turned to Bronchitis, fatigue. I developed a constant cough that diminished the day after removal, stomach scarring, polyps, mood swings, and I also developed hypothyroidism. The sad thing is my surgeon who removed Essure told me I was his healthiest patient. There have been woman who got pregnant with Essure and had ectopic pregnancies. In a lot of woman the coils broke apart and either pierced other organs or they can't find the missing pieces, and it is NOT an in-office procedure. I felt the doctor putting the coils in my fallopians and it was painful even with the heavy painkillers they gave me. Also, a Bayer rep was in the room who was a pharmaceutical rep and had no medical background.
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Hi, I was thinking of the name for a uterine ablation procedure, not Essure.  So mistaken!  I've asked MedHelp to remove my remarks, but if they do not, please ignore them.
I was thinking of "Novasure," not "Essure."  Mea culpa!
Ah, good, they did take them out.  
Yes...I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I researched the procedure before I had it and the website was positive, however, I later found out that trial participants did report all these symptoms but the original study didn't include them because they only reported on the effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. Essure was approved as a life-saving device and meant to be permanent as it is made of the same components as the pacemaker but when it is implanted in the fallopian tubes it has an inflammatory effect which explains the numerous woman who are constantly bloated and look pregnant.
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Oh, btw, the Essure problems page is now at 30,932 members.
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