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Havent Had Period For 4 Months and Im Not Pregenat

Im 14 years old and I got my first period on 9-13-13 and then I had it for like 3 months then it went away for two then came back for two and now 5 months later I still don't have my period. What Do I Need To Do???????????
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I had my first period when I was 14 and it was kinda regular for 2 months then I didn't get it for almost a year after. Your body might take some time to get on a better schedule. I'm 26 and my period is still irregular.  Going on 2 months late and I'm not pregnant either. It'll be just fine.  Give it time :)
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Mine were irregular like that and birth control pills helped regulate it.so talk with your mom about seeing her ob/gyn about what can be done
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