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Haven't had a period since i was 13 can i get pregnant still?

I'm 18 and I havent had a period since i was 13. am I messed up becasue i kind of want to have kids one day and I've read that it means I can't.. but Im too scared to see a gynecologist because i'd think it'd be embarrassing plus I have no insurance or anything.
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It could be something minor but the younger you are when treated the better your outcome will be ,try finding a gyno with a payment plan ...best of luck!
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What's the reason you haven't had a period in 5 years? Birth control? Low iron levels (anemia)? Low body weight? Thyroid? PCOS? You should probably try to go to a doctor as soon as possible. See if you can be added to your parents insurance or try to get insurance for yourself. You can go to a clinic or find a gynaecologist with a payment plan but if you require long term treatment then insurance companies may not cover that if you've been diagnosed without insurance.

Either way, your health is not embarrassing, nothing about sex, sexual health, reproduction, etc is embarrassing. Empower yourself and then get yourself to a doctor.
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You need to go the gyno asap. That's the only way to know what's going on. There's no need to feel embarrassed. Try going to a planned parenthood clinic or health department in your town since you don't have insurance.
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The earlier you see a gyna the better you still young to worry,gd luck
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you haven't had your period in 5 years and you still haven't seen a doctor!!
are you kidding
go see a doctor as soon as possible!
something might be wrong
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I have the same problem right now... it's not embarrassing I'm 18 as well I have PCOS witch means my eggs are kinda in this film sack and can not be released you should reall go because not ha ring periods can cause ovary cancer and other types then you won't be able to have kids no insurance no problem you can call around and tell them you want to pay cash and see who will take you
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