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Having partner presence during check ups and delivery time.

Hello ,

Recently i visited my gyne for the first time with my husband for pre pregnancy consultation and she seems to be in a hurry to check many patients waiting inside the waiting room .
We felt like she is more into business and less care about patient .
At the time of check up she asked my husband to out which i didn't like and as patient I'm more comfortable having him with me . I requested her to understand but she says either you go or i go !
I need to know from the gynecologist specially from India . Do i have the right to have him ?
Thank you .
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Gosh, I'm not sure of the customs and norms in India.  I know that I do and did all of my gynecological care with out my husband in the room here in the states.  The doctor normally has a nurse that comes in and joins and if they are examining you.  Once I was pregnant, my husband went to some appointments and I've had friends whose husband went to many or all of their pregnancy appointments.  I wouldn't say it is necessarily common for a husband to be there during a regular appointment in which a pap smear is done but wouldn't think a doctor would object either.  And this was a PRE pregnancy consultation.  He want to be in on the conversation about the undertaking of trying to get pregnant.  Although ob/gyn's consider themselves the doctor for the woman and not the man during the pregnancy process.  A fertility specialist would give more care to the man and his contribution.  :>))  Do you have a right to have him?  I would say that it shouldn't be such a big deal if he stays but this is your doctor's preference.  So, maybe it isn't the right doctor.  And I don't know if there is a shortage of good ob/gyn's in your area giving them the ability to dismiss patient requests like this.  Can you check on other doctors and you can ask the front desk people if husbands are able to stay in the room during exams.  OB/gyn's are generally very busy and they will not sit and talk and talk in a relaxed way the way a general practitioner will.  That's pretty common in general, I believe.  But if you don't like the doctor and her policies, I'm sure there are others to try to find a better fit with.  
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My wife and I go to all of our appointments  together.  I find it very unusual for a physician or other provider to be concerned about your husband being present.  If a medical provider is uncomfortable with a spouse being present, unless for a very good reason, like infection risk, I personally would refuse the exam and find a different physician or other provider.
I think doctors need to see their patients as the consumers.  If it makes a patient more comfortable, then why would a doctor have an issue, right?  Although, there are situations in which a person is controlled and not allowed any privacy and the doctor would like to be able to speak frankly with that person but is not able because the controlling partner doesn't allow it. This is real life and happens and is most unfortunate. These people are only allowed to do what their partner allows them due to being controlled which is a form of abuse in my opinion. But in general, if it is a normal situation and not an overbearing partner that has to be in on everything their partner does and both the man and woman agree to it, then a doctor should respect that.  My husband doesn't go to doctor's appointments with me but my elderly in laws go together so the other one can take notes about what the doctor says.  
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