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Headache and blurry vision after taking birth control pill

I took a single birth control pill, felt extremely dizzy and started having blurry vision. Can I know what possibly goes wrong? What should I do?
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Are you talking about standard birth-control pills of the type where you take 21 days of them and then a week of the placebo pill so you have a period? Not a morning-after pill? Are these pills you got from a pharmacy or did someone give them to you?
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I ask because your reaction was very unusual if these were just the normal type of birth-control pills, and if you got them from a reputable source. (It's even unusual if it was the morning-after pill.)

If the pill was from a standard pack that you got from a pharmacy, then one thing to consider is whether something else (not the pill) caused you to be dizzy and have blurry vision, and the timing was just a coincidence. If you have taken birth-control pills before without incident, I would particularly wonder this.

If you have never taken a birth-control pill before, there is a slight possibility that you are very sensitive to the hormones in the pill. But for you to be both dizzy and have blurred vision from the pill alone, it would have to be a huge sensitivity. I don't suppose it is impossible, after all, migraines are sensitive to hormones and your reaction sounds a little like a migraine. But it would be unusual.

In your shoes, I'd call the doctor and explain what happened. Then when you take a pill tomorrow (assuming these are standard birth-control pills and not a morning-after pill) see if you have the same reaction.
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