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Healing Cuts on Clitoris

My problem really isn't a disease.  I cut my clitoris in 3 places while shaving a week ago.  They have yet to heal and are very sore to the touch.  My underwear keeps it irritated and it's not in the best place to heal.  It seems even walking and sitting irritates it.  I've put neosporin with pain relief on it and powder, trying to keep it dry.  Because I think the moisture is keeping it from healing all the way.  It's not in a very good place for me to look at it, so I got my husband to look and he said that it was 3 cuts and they have new (white) skin over the cuts, but it's just too moist.  Any suggestions???  I'm desperate!!!
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i dont have any suggestions, but may i ask how/why you would get a razor there?
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I like to be clean shaved on teh outside of the vagina and the hair on the inside of the labia (sp?).  I can't do wax, so I shave.  It's not a hard place to get...it's right there on the tip of the vagina.
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Yeah!!!  I've gone a week with no relief...I wanted to know if someone else knew anything else to try.
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well, I've done the samething, I know it hurts like hell excuse my french but theres not other way to describe it :-) I tried neo. too and it didn't seem to help,the only thing I know to tell you is just give it time, thats what I did and it went away buuuut of course I accidentally do it again every now and then
:-| well, good luck with it!
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Yeah, neosporin hasn't really helped.  I've been told to the cotton panties thing and try and go commando around the house so "it" can breathe.  I also just tried sitting in a hot bath with Epson Salt.  Even if it didn't help...it felt better.  Like you said, it's just going to take time I guess.  Thanks!
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