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Heartburn in pregnancy

I was hoping you ladies could share some wisdom with me. I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and dealing with daily heartburn. I am forgetful and often leave tums at home yet I have terrible heartburn by lunch time at work. Any suggestions on trying to control it without meds???
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I cannot survive pregnancy without tums or rx meds due the heartburn. I usually try tums first (actually costco has a great house brand) if that doesn't work, I take rx cimetedine.

And the lot of hair thing, also one of those myths : ) I had wicked heartburn and my babies were nearly bald,lol!!

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I do not eat before bed, there is also 4 hours btwn dinner time and bedtime and the only thing I do is drink tons of ice water.

Andi, I cannot imagine having this last the entire pregnancy. I will have to buy stock in Tums!!!
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You have been very helpful and I thank you.
I have a burning pain in my pelvis right next to my rt leg but def in the pelvic bone it started at 11 weeks and gets very painful. For the longest time I thought it was a pulled muscle but it isn't. Is this my pelvis shifting already????
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Sorry, first time pregnancy. I feel bubbles in my stomach and I thought it may be gas or baby. It started at about 16 1/2 weeks but it is near my belly button. I know the uterus moves up somewhat but near the belly button is that to high to be the baby???
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The tickles that 'Little 154' does to me do feel like funny small bubbles, but he is not up as high as the navel.  Every woman's anatomy is different, though, so that may well be your baby.  Small, discrete pokes also are his, like someone has touched your arm with their fingernail and drawn a half-inch line on your arm with it.  One way to tell is to notice (when you feel the bubbles) if your general intestines are feeling gassy or not.  When they aren't, then it is more likely that movement is the baby.  Also the baby's area is more discrete than the intestines, i.e., in a more closely confined area, at this early in pregnancy.  

Also, try liquid Mylanta, it is SO MUCH faster than Tums and works really well for that really acid kind of heartburn.  I keep a bottle in the fridge.  And to try to prevent the heartburn in the first place, if you eat two or three chewable papaya tablets with every kind of food you eat, your chances of heartburn go way down, and it's a good kind of thing to take because it is not contraindicated during pregnancy (a lot of antacids are not really recommended).  I get mine at the health-food shelf of a regular grocery store.  Good luck!
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Hmmmm, so it may be "butterball" after all as it is always in the same area. Just to the right and slighlty down of my belly button. Heck, I will be 18 weeks on Monday and I would sure love to feel some stronger mvmts.

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