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Heavy Periods/Fibroids/Cysts

44Yr old female with fatigue that worsens around period.

I have had problems with fatigue that gets worse before my period, during my period, and a couple of days after.  I have heavy periods and a history of anemia.  I took iron and last blood test showed my iron storage levels were high, and instructed to stop taking.  My symptoms are better the 1st week after my period and then the whole thing starts again.
TSH @ 2.30 0n 7/10/06
T4 @ .79 on 7/10/06
Iron @ 228 " "
TIBC @ 385 " "
% of Saturation 59 " "
Ferritin @ 12.9 " "
Dopamine 174
Norepinephrine <10
Epinephrine <3
Creatinine 43
Creatinine day 1335
Metanephrine Urine 24 @ 189
Normetanephrine 220
Cretinine 43
Creatinine Day 1335
Cortisol 16
FSH 14.6
Somatomedin c IGF-1 @ 194.0

Any idea what could be causing fatigue?  What tests should I have done?  What type of doc?  Any referals in Orange County, CA?

Thank you Dawn
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Have you had your ANA level checked.  I have been going through similar things and had a complete blood count and it came out ok.  I told the Dr. I was tired of being tired so she did further testing and I came up with an elevated ANA and have an appointment with a rheumotologist.  However, i do not have fibroids, cysts or heavy periods.  I would think that could affect your iron.  The fatigue could be an number of things.  I would insist on the ANA test.  My Dr. told me every active 44 year old woman with children have chronic fatigue.  This is a misconception and you need to be listened to.
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