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Heavy bleeding after morning after pill? please help, I'm confused!?

Hello, my last period ended on July 18. I had unprotected sex with my bf on july 21. Even though he did not ejaculated inside me, I took the Emergency Take Action Pill that same day just in case. We had sex again the 24 but we used protection this time. Now on the 26 I started bleeding quite heavily but I had no cramps or any other symptoms, just heavy, bright red and runny blood. It's not thick like the period one. This is my second day bleeding a lot and I'm getting worried. Why is this? It's not my period because like I said, I just ended it two weeks ago. When is the bleeding supposed to stop? Do I have to go to a doctor? please help :(
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Are you on the pill?
I assume you are not. Plan b messes up your cycle. so yes it could be cause of plan b. Bleeding lengths vary from person to person. I took plan b two weeks ago and now have been bleeding / spotting for 9 days..but I am on the pill.

If you're worried you can go to your doctor :) but it could really just be plan b messing you up

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