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Heavy periods with clots every month

I was not able to continue my second pregnancy. I had surgical abortion suction method in  Nov 2018,I was 7wks pregnant.I got my periods after the abortion and it lasts for few days.I went to abortion clinic for followup in dec 2018.They did trans vaginal scan quick check for 1 minute and said uterus is empty and no infection.Is abortion incomplete after so many months?After the abortion, my periods are very heavy till now.Periods are very regular after the abortion.Before abortion, my periods are irregular and I miss few months.Now, it's very regular and it lasts for 4 to 5 days. Its very regular and it comes almost the same date every month.The flow is very heavy for first 3 days. I sometimes see clots in the toilet during cycle day 1 and 2.The clots are not very big like lemon. Small ball size(guess it would be1 to 1.5 inch length).I used to change pads every 5 hours from cd1 to cd3.This is the same every month after the abortion.Is this normal? What could be the problem? I didn't visit any gynecologist after that.So,am just worried any issues after abortion causing heavy flow periods with clots. I never had periods with clots before this abortion. I used to have 5 day cycles only with normal flow. Is this normal?
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Hi there.  So, this sounds like hormonal changes.  My period has changed over the years and definitely did after pregnancy and birth.  I would not suspect anything to do with the abortion especially all this time after but instead would guess that your hormones are shifted from how they were prior to the pregnancy.  Do you need to change your pad more than every 2 hours?  That's something important to know for this discussion.  
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Thanks for the reply.
Not very 2 hours. I would change my pad every 4 or 5 hours. I use a overnight maxi pads . I also use 2 at a time overlapped. I am so worried if it's fibroids or hormonal issues. This clots and heavy periods started after my abortion only. So, I linked it to my abortion.
This makes my iron levels low. I recently checked my iron values and it was very low. I am taking iron supplements.  What else could be the reason? I can't go to the doctor now considering the current covid-19 situation.
Okay, well, that's good actually.  That changing a tampon or pad every hour to two hours is the mark that doctors often use for when to step in.  Fibroids and hormonal issues shouldn't be linked to a long ago abortion.  Those are things that just happen to women.  Neither usually pose a danger unless you are trying to get pregnant right now.  Both can be corrected.  When the covid 19 situation clears up, go get a physical with pap smear and discuss this with your doctor. They can check your hormones then, check for fibroids and also check your iron level.  You should take a daily multi vitamin.  I will tell you that I currently am older than you (I'm sure) and am heading into menopause and I have heavy  bleeding for three days straight.  I have to change my sanitary protection every hour to two hours.  My doctor said it is heavy but okay.  We also go through hormonal changes as we go through the years too.  If you take a multi vitamin, it should have your iron needs met.  And then you can choose iron rich foods to add to your diet.  That's what I'd try at this point.  Hang in there.  And do get a pap when you can.  
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