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Help! Bladder is full of air!

CTScan showed air in my bladder. Did a bunch (several) of test at UCLA and am supposed to come back in September (a year out)! No UTI, definitely coming from my urethra. EVERYTIME I urinate there’s a lot of air. Makes a screeching noise, like a dying cat that can be heard loudly. Urinating has become a problem, sometimes mixed urine and air is released, then will halt even though I still have urine. If I wait several minutes it finally starts again. Urinating has become more often because the air makes it feel full constantly. No UTI, checked several times at urgent care this year.., I’m miserable. Bloated and now feel faint within moments after urinating. I have neurological issues and a very low thyroid from Hashimoto Disease. I’m getting a very poor quality of life. Help! What do I ask UCLA in September??? How do I get them to hear me in the 9 minute ofc visit… what should I make a priority in the visit?
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I've heard of people having their bladder catheterized just to drain off the gas inside, you might ask your doctor about that. And, have you been tested for diabetes? Gas in the bladder can happen for diabetics.
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No I don’t have diabetes but I’m gonna still ask!!!

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