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Help: STD, Yeast Infection, Bacterial Virus, Dehydrated or Something Else?

Hi there,
So, recently I have been experiencing quite bad itchiness in and around the vagina area and a very strong smell has been emitted through my urine which has also been quite yellow in colour (that could be because I don't tend to drink much water during the day). I constantly feel wet down below and my vagina area also is radiating a smell. Sometimes I have a bit of discharge but it's not a weird colour or anything, just kind of white. Now the back story and reason why I think something might be going on is because last Tuesday my boyfriend gave me oral sex and fingered me for the first time and since then this has been the symptoms. At first there was no pain just itchiness but this morning it has been a bit uncomfortable when urinating. What I want to know how i could possibly fix this and figure out what it is without seeing a doctor (the only way I can get to a doctor is with my parents) or telling my parents as they will bury me 10 feet below if they find out about my sexual activities since im only 16.
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Hi.  So, we can't really diagnose something over the internet.  But it does sound like a yeast infection.  Have you ever had one of those before?  They itch.  The discharge can vary from a little clumpy to thin and there can be a bit of an odor but it's usually not completely foul.  A bacterial vaginal infection has a distinctive bad smell.  Yeast is just kind of a smell.  And you can have a little swelling and irritation on your genitals as well.  Normally if you have never been diagnosed with a yeast infection before, it's best to have a doctor swab you and tell you for sure.  It's quick and easy. And as anyone can get a yeast infection, it's not usually associated with sexual activity if you are worry about disclosing that. Otherwise, they do make over the counter products for yeast infection like Monostat (I like the one day ovule that you put in during night, where a pad and within a couple days, it's usually a lot better) and you could try some vagisil wipes you buy at the drug store.  Witch hazel on a tissue would work too.  If it begins to burn when you urinate and not from urine hitting the skin (which is more of a stinging on the outside)--  burns up inside and you feel like you have to go all the time and can't quite get it all out, those are symptoms of a urinary tract infection. That requires a doctor's visit and antibiotics.  This could happen if your boyfriend was fingering you and touched your anus and then your vaginal area and urethra.  Basically if a small amount of fecal matter that he doesn't even realize he's touching gets into the urethra, this is how urinary tract infections happen.  (same reason we are to wipe front to back rather than back to front).  If you get a really bad, foul odor from your vagina and a watery, grey discharge, that may be bacterial vaginosis.  This also requires antibiotics to treat.  

But if I had to guess, I'd say yeast at this time.  May or may not be related to the sexual contact you had but doubtful.  There are clinics like Planned Parenthood you may get some help from if you don't want to go to your regular doctor. And always practice safe sex!
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Thank you so so so much!
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