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Help itchy vagina with no diagnosis

I have had a super itchy vagina since 4 years. It started 10 months post delivery. Ever since I have been to different gynaecologist and dermatologist but they have their own versions. Some say it’s eczema some say it’s lichen simplex etc but I feel it’s none I have got many tests done all are clear. The skin around the vagina and anus looks normal but it’s extremely itchy almost all day and night. It’s just very sore and full of bruises because of my itching. My doc also suggested me to go off dairy and gluten. I even got steroid shots on my vagina to stop itching but it just keeps coming back. Even after going to so many doctors and spending so much I have no definitive diagnosis. I don’t know which specialist to go to, please advice? There are no vulavar specialists here where I live. Also my palms itch sometimes with tiny bumps which are hardly visible. I don’t know if it could be related.
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Wow, how frustrating.  Why do you doubt that this may be eczema?  Have you tried the dietary changes suggested?  I know that these things CAN cause what you are experiencing. Did they give you treatment suggestions?  Have you tried these? 4 years is a long time to have misery like this, I'm SO sorry!
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It’s been two weeks now since my new diet but it’s not helping at all. All doctors keep saying different stuff even after getting a skin biopsy. The latest dermatologist says it eczema
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