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Help me please

I´m a nurse from Washington state.  My girlfriend and I are traveling in Peru.  She has in the past had problems with a vaginal cyst.  I believe it is a bartholin type cyst. This may or may not be the type she has.  It is now quite swolen and causing her some discomfort and very much limiting out travel and hiking here in Peru not to mention causing her great mental anguish.  She has previously been seen for this a couple years ago and they explained the options for drainage or excision. At the time she opted not to treat it as it was asymptomatic and it resolved on it´s own and did not cause her much trouble until now. At this point it is exacerbated by or causing a chronic candita infection.  She treated this with two doses of fluconozole po 150 mg over two days (antibiotics are available over the counter here).  This seemed to help but now the infection is back.  We are at our wit´s end and in dire need of help.  I don´t know weather to advise her to take more diflucan or what. would a hot or cold compress help.  Any words of advise would be much appreciated and taken strictly as not-intended-as-medical-adivice basis. Thank you so much for any help. Sincerely washingtonRN
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go to the doctors, they might drain it like they said. you already know alot of medical stuff and people on here might not even know as much as you, you could try asking one of the doctors on here but i think you have to pay for it,
hope she gets sorted out!
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