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I had sex with a guy and got a yeast infection then went and got checked out also found out i got an sti. The doctor gave me antibiotics and told me to use monistat for 7 days. Well i thought i had cleared up but i could be wrong and then i got the yest infection again. So i went back to the doctor and again i had the sti so they gave me another dose of antibiotics and told me to use monistat. I told them that it didn't work last time but the doctor just told me to use it. After the yeast infection didn't go away i tried all types of home remedies. None of them worked i finally switched to a different doctor got tested again and this time all i had was a yeast infection. so she put me on diflucian which did nothing so i went back. she then had these boric acid and probiotics compounded together to insert vaginally for a week and then 2 a week after that. I still have the yeast infection with no improvement. This has been going on for 6 going on to 7 months. I'm tired of hurting and i also havent had sex in this time. I'm desperate is there anything i can do to help get this yeast infection to go away once and for all?
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Have you gotten a blood test for any stds? The medicine can be working but some STDs will cause you to keep getting a yeast infection. Of you already did how long was it after you had sex? Some STDs won't show up in blood samples or urine samples till after being months apun months. If so id get checked again. Also check to make sure that your daily hygiene routine isn't the cause of it.
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yes i got tested twice at the place i was at first. All results came back negative except for the sti. When i switched to the second doctor which was 4 or 5 months later she gave me a pap and again everything was negative. The only thing i still have that wont go away is the yeast infection.
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For the yeast infection your doctor can prescribe Itraconazole Capsules.
Because you have been on antibiotics, these can bring on fungal infections.

You may need to take the Itraconazole capsules for 15 days.  The one that I know comes as a 100mg strength in each capsule.

You can also be prescribed and purchase without a prescription 100mg of Fluconazole 1 single dose capsule from the pharmacy.   You may be able to purchase a stronger dose but I am not certain.  Your doctor can prescribe a stronger dose and for you to take it for much longer.

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