For the last 3 months I have constant pasty white discharge, sometimes a lot of it! I have been tested everything was negative. I have tried everything difulcan, boric acid, prebiotic, supplements, apple cider vinegar and baking soda baths. Literally nothing is helping. It's ruining my new relationship because I literally avoid him to avoid intamcy. What is wrong with me?? I sit and cry because I don't know what to do. I have tried everything.
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You are avoiding intimacy because you think your boyfriend will be turned off? Does it smell or is it itchy? Have you had your estrogen levels checked?
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No odor. Just makes me see feel gross.
I assume you have seen your doctor? Does he or she say it's normal, not yeast?
Also, how many home treatments have you tried, and how often? You might have killed off the usual vaginal flora that keeps everything in check. If you've been douching often, can you stop?
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