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Hi! I wanted to make my name little missy, but it was already taken. My name is Melissa, but everyone calls me Missy. I have been having a problem and went to look it up, that's when i found this site. It seems really nice. I hope you all can come up with an answer that will help me and make me feel better. I don't want to go to the doctor, I am very shy. i have been having hemorrhoids really bad. They will bleed even when I'm not going to the bathroom (#2). Today I had blood all over my panties. My Mom told me to put an ice pack. I have and it doesn't help. My boyfriend of seven years and i have anal sex a lot. i know it doesn't help the hemorrhoids, but I really like it. Do any of you know of anything that will help? Thank you in advance.  Missy
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lets start by saying a hemi is a vericose vein. you can cause yourself more problems by continuing anal sex. see if you can shrink it and stop the bleeding first. are you sure its a hemi and not a tear? prep. h will help. there are baths you can soak in and i know someone will help me out as i cant remember what to put in the bath water. if it is bleeding more than a drop or two on your panties do go to the dr. i understand the shy part, but your health is important. at times the hemi has to be removed! painful surg so take care of it now before it gets to that point. good luck!!
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So, do I have to stop having anal sex? Or will the prep. H help it? if I have to stop, I know my boyfriend will be mad. I'm sure he will understand, but he won't like it. Is there anything else that will help?
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I really think you should quit having anul sex at least until the problem is taken care of.
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sweety i cant believe what you said. this is a health issue. your bf should be loving and understanding. please let him know this causes you pain. we are not qualified to tell you much more than options bases on what we know. which isnt the level of an md. please get to the dr. and yes if it were me id stop having anal sex. and if my bf didnt like it or got mad...well i think id tell him where he could stick that... of his. take care of yourself!! you only have one body in this life!
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At least put the anal on hold until the roids clear up.  I can't imagine it feeling very comfortable for you or being really attractive to him.  Ouch!!
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hi again. i read you have 5 kids!! no wonder you have a hemi! you should have no embaressment having gone through childbirth 5 times. lol.
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