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Herpes and Bells Palsy,Heads Up Ladies

Good evening ladies.I just wanted to up date you on my daughter.She was diagnosed last August with Herpes.She is now suffering from Bells Palsy the Bells Palsy struch her last Wednesday.It was brought on by the STD she has,which is Herpes.Some of you ladies laughed it off last year,by saying several Americans have the Herpes or other STD.It is not a laughing matter now.People who have Herpses are more likely to be struck with Bells Palsy at least once in there life time.The herpes is a viral infection that is what causes Bells Palsy.Tell your friends that you know if they have herpes to get check ups regularly and keep a close eye on new symptoms,even if they seem petty,to them there doctor might think differently.                                                                                                                                                                  Take care to all of you Blackrose.........
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hi blackrose - i hope your daughter is over the palsy quickly.  i have a friend who had it last year - it really took her by surprise.  she's just fine now, tho :)
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Bell's palsy is temporary facial paralysis, a result of inflammation of one of the nerves that responsible for facial movement. I think the cause used to be unknown, but it's now thought to have viral causes; probably herpes, but also meningitis, mono, or even the flu. I just thought it was worth mentioning that if it's from herpes, that would be ORAL herpes, not genital. Same name, but a very different location and experience.

I don't mean to downplay her experience--I'm very sorry your daughter is going through this. I've known a couple of people who've had this and I know it's not fun. However, it might help to just try to remember that it's only temporary, and it's probably already as bad as it will get. I hope she feels better soon.
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I am sorry to hear that. I hope your daughter and YOU are doing ok.

MoneyFlower- By the way, could you tell me the difference in Oral and Genital Herpes. I am just curious. I didn't there was a difference.
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Nobody laughed off her herpes. I think the point that MF and others were trying to make was that it's not a life sentence. Life does go on after herpes, unless you choose to let it bring you down.

I'm sorry she has Bell's Palsy. My father had that several years ago after a bout with the flu. I know how painful it can be, but MF is right- it's temporary. Chances are, she'll never have it again.
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this is hard to admit, but i was diagnosed with herpes years back, it only showed once, but i know the possiblity that it may return(although my doc says that it may never come back) but what are my chances of bells palsy? is it only in severe cases or in anycase? this worrys me because i was young when it happined and i wasnt informed by my doctor of anything related to bells, or maybe i just didnt ask the right questions
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I have always heard that Bells Palsey was really common during pregnancy or right after delivery. I had not heard the link to Herpes...I guess this is new news.

Blackrose, Many, many people have Herpes...she probably should have kept it to herself so as not to upset you. You are probably more upset about this than she is.

And I have heard that Bells Palsey is temporary and goes away on it's own.
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