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High Risk HPV and SCARED!

I was recently diagnosed with high risk HPV and I am so scared! I have done some research on HPV and I read that in most cases HPV goes away on its on within 2 years, but what is the likelyhood? Especially on someone my age? I am 22. The doctor told me my abnormal cells were in the low grade level so she gave me an option to either observe them to see if they return to normal on their own or to have the laser surgery. I went for the laser because I was so scared I just wanted to get rid of them but last minute I backed out. I am hoping and praying that they do go away on their own, but did I make a mistake with my decision? I also didnt want any laser or any type of procedure because I am a newlywed and havent had any children and I am scared that anything of that nature will affect my cervix...besides the doc told me that even if I laser them, they cant gurantee me that they wont come back....HELP!!! I dont know what to think, to be hopeful or not or take action or what!!!???
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You sound a lot like me.I am suppose to have a surgery and I also backed out.....because I too am very scared........I probably would go for the laser, get it over with and then you won't have to worry about it any more. It would give you the peace of mind............ I know I can not put mine off either.We both have to be brave.................... If I lived near you I would be there to support you, so I can offer my prayers to you.......I know you will make the right decision...........take care.
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i too was diagnosed with high risk hpv but he didnt say whether anything was low or not. im completely scared too. im only 19 and i dont know what to think. did he tell you exactly how you came to be a high risk person for hpv. because it is a std and im married so for a month now ive been trying to figure out if my husband is cheating or was it in me this whole time.
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I was diagnosed with HPV too and my doctor gave me the same option. The reason why he gave me this option is that he said if i did have the surgery the abnormal cell would more than likely come back and that it would be no use in doing the cryo and putting me thru all this if that did happen. I have the high risk type too and im not worried about it because my doctor said it usually doesnt progress to anything and your immune system will supress it. So dont worry sweety everything will be allright, i also just found out im pregnant and everything is fine. Just keep it in gods hands ok?
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HI i was reading your message and wanted to let you know that you can also het hpv by going to a public restroom where someone else has had hpv and then you wipe down there and the virus gets spread to you, new research has found that out. So its not your husband honey i thought that too because ive been faithful to mine.
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Well I dont think that there is a way to find out how you can get HPV except yourself, I know for sure that my husband gave it to me. Before we got married I told him to get tested for STD's and he didnt have anything because there isnt a test for men to know whether they have HPV, but I know it was not me because I was not sexually active, he was. Also, I know that in most cases HPV goes away within two years, so if that happens to you, you might be able to calculate when you got it, but I am sure it varies from person to person.Some may go away sooner than others...Wish you the best.
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Wow...I thought the chances of them coming back were lower, but I mean if that's the case then I am glad I didnt go through with it,so I am just observing them, my next pap is in February so I will be praying that they go back to normal. Congrats on your pregnancy! God bless.
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High risk cells can be cause by numerous things, which include: yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and STD's. The difference between high risk cells and low risk cells is that when you have low risk cells it is usually caused by an infection that your body/ immune system will fight off. Where as high risk cells develop from low risk cells that your body could not fight off. When you have your PAP your doctor usually runs a test for possible STD's, if this comes back negative then most likely your high risk cells were developed from a yeast or urinary tract infection.

I have had constant yeast infections and urinary tract infections since i can remember. I was not sexually active until after I had turned 18 (stats show that being sexually active at a young age can increase the possibility of infection and such).Also, I was in a monogamous relationship and we were both tested before we had intercourse (I didn't feel that it was fair to ask him to be tested if I hadn't, even though I wasn't sexually active).

I went in for a PAP this summer because of unrelated abdominal pains and found out that i had high risk abnormal cells. I went about a month after my PAP to have a cervical biopsy to see how much of my cervical tissue was affected. I'm not sure how bad your high risk cells are but mine had already moved into my glands. My doctor gave me only one option and that was to have the LEEP procedure. From what I had been told, if the abnormal cells are not removed then they can, and are most likely to progress into cervical cancer. Because of my high risk cells having moved into my glands already the doctor had to remove more of my cervical tissue then she normally would, and this can hinder in my prospect of having children. On the other hand if i had not had the procedure then it is possible and very likely that I would have developed cervical cancer. Which would also lead to possible infertility. I'm only 20 years old right now and I don't know if I want children in the future or if I am even able to have children right now, but by having the procedure I have increased my chances of fertility. I just want to know that if I can't have children that I did do everything in my power to.

I completely understand why you are afraid to have the procedure, I was in your shoes earlier this year. Still yet having the LEEP procedure was a relief. Yes, having the procedure does not guarantee that the abnormal cells will not return, but don't you want to do everything and anything to ensure your health as best as you can?! The Leep procedure only took about 30 minutes to complete. There was pain and drowsiness for about 3 days after (I was put under during the procedure and the pain medicine I was given made the drowsiness increase). I hope that you will take what I have shared I have shared with you into consideration when making your decision in the future. It's your body and you need to decide what is right for you, but I hope and pray that you gain the courage to follow through with your procedure. Do everything in your power to help heal your body and to lead a health long and full life.  
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Its February and I already went for my follow up on the abnormal cells and my pap test came back NORMAL! Praise God! I know that only 30% of women revert back to normal, and thank God I was one of the 30%. I am glad that I trusted my gut instinct and didnt go through with the laser surgery. So ladies, listen to that inner voice, its God.
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