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High testotersone level ,Macafem the "natural" solution?

Hi to cure my acne and hair growth my dermatologist recommends to use a hormone pill (sponalactaid i think?) to reduce my high testoterone level. My mother had breast cancer because of hormone pills so I refuse to take it. Instead, I researched ways to lower testosterone "naturally" and came across an herbal supplement called Macafem which claims to affect the pituatry gland to make the hormones produced more "balanced" Anyone heard of this and is this true? Is there any negative affects to this method? Any doctors advice I'd appreaciate it thanks!!
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I am struggling with the same issues now.  Wondering what you did and the outcome?  So hard to find information and solutions when you suffer from hormonal acne.
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Although Macafem is 100% all natural with no known side effects, since you have a family history of breast cancer, you should consult with your doctor first.

Macafem works in an entire different way than synthetic hormone drugs do. This herbal supplement won't increase or decrease any specific hormone, but it will regulate the hormonal system as a whole by stimulating your body's own production of hormones.

It has the special ability to balance hormonal levels by nourishing the hormonal glands.

Valerie H. - Macafem Customer Care
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