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Hormone Imbalance?


I was wondering if anyone could help me out.  I have a lot of symptoms to list so please be patient and read my whole story.  I am desperate.

I am a 27 year old female and have been sick with weird symptoms since May 2013.  I have been on the same birth control for about 7 years (the generic name is Sprintec).  About a year ago, I started getting really sick during the inactive period week.  I was getting nausea, diarrhea, and just feeling completely drained.  My gyno switched me to a stronger pill (orth-tricyclan) in April 2013... I took that for 2 months and was having dizzy spells so after my pack in May, my husband and I decided that I would just go off birth control totally and we would worry about other ways of protection.

Since May, my life has been HELL. It started almost exactly a month after I quit birth control.  I started getting burning pin pricks of pain all over my body. They only last a few seconds.  Then before my period in June, I ran a low grade fever (99.4) for four days before I got my period (which I thought was strange that I actually got my period since I had been on BC for so long).  All was well though except for the burning pin pricks.  Then at the end of June (my period was at the beginning), I was sitting at work and started getting severe pressure in my neck.  I thought it was a tension headache and ignored it.  Three days later, the pressure was so intense and in my entire head that I ended up in the ER.  Twice.  I was so dizzy with it I couldn't handle it . I had an EKG done, blood work, and a cat scan done that showed nothing.  Since then , I've been to every doctor you can imagine....ENT, gastro, neurologist, family physician, endocrinologist, natural doctors. I've had an MRI , another cat scan.

My symptoms have also progressed. I still have the burning pinpricks.  In July, I had no fever with my period, but in August, had the fever again and it never went away. Everyday running a 99.4 F fever.. .these will spike for like 10 minutes then go away and keep doing this all day. And I always feel burning hot with them, never get the chills. My cheeks get really hot. I still have severe pressure in my head and severe dizziness.  I have TMJ like symptoms. Tremors.  My hair is falling out A LOT. It's everywhere. I get a tight feeling in my throat/chest sometimes.

Also, I've developed VERY painful breasts the week before my period.  The one definitely has a cyst because it will get bigger and bigger and hurt more and more and then I get my period and it's gone and so is the pain. I've NEVER in my life had this until I quit the pill.

In September, I started the pill again (Sprintec) to see if that would alleviate symptoms but it hasn't.

The only thing wrong with me is I am slightly hypothyroid... I mean my doc said I could have been 40 until I realized it... This was found in January 2013 and I have been taking 25 mcg of Levothyroxine since.  My levels always come back normal when tested.

I guess what I'm asking is that do any of you think that these symptoms could be caused by extreme hormone imbalance? No one has ever tested my hormones before. I find it weird that they all started almost a month to the day I quit birth control.  Also, my period was never regular when I was younger, I matured late and would sometimes go 6 months without getting my period.  I was also anorexic during high school which didn't help.  But I am no longer and eat very healthy.  I used to exercise 4-5 times a week before this all happened. I was so happy...

One of my docs mentioned that it could be Lyme disease...even though my tests all came back negative.  They started me on doxycycline and it's been about 11 days on it but I haven't felt better or worse.  I do know they use this med for acne so I was thinking it could affect your hormones cause I HAVE had some better days since taking it. But I have no idea.

Also, I have NO sex drive. Zip. The thought of it makes me sick.  I was never like that.  The pill always made me have a low sex drive but never like this.. my husband is not happy about it!  

Please, if you have any ideas, please help.
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Responding to  Elleon_arual ,
I can relate to a bunch of symptoms, lots of specialists, no answers and one irritated husband.  The first thought I had was thyroid.  I do know, that some people need there levels to be as close to 1 as possible.  But, it doesn't sound right.  Do you have times when you feel agitated and a bit hyper too.  I ask because you mentioned you had a milder case of hypothyroid.  Sometimes, before full blown Thyroid goes hypo, it can have spikes. If your blood was tested at that time it would show Hyperthyroid.  I understand some have quite a time during this period and many doctors burn the thyroid out, and find the dosage of Levothyroxine that works. I wonder because of the tremors and the tightness in your chest (hyperthyroid does bring symptoms of anxiety).  

This might be coupled with Menopause. I was diagnosed with Anorexia once as a young adult, but I had no trouble getting over it. I just wanted to be thin and really worked at it.  But, I went without a period for a year.  And, not that I know if the two are related, but I went through menopause in my early 40's.  My mother was in her mid-fifties.  Then you mentioned exercise and I added a bulging cervical disk to my list of possibilities.  Physical therapy can help tremendously.  I have cervical stenosis and sometimes the pain is horrible.  I get pin pricks and gobble aspirin which has caused other GI woes...but that is another story. But you had an MRI of your entire spine I imagine.  

I do understand that these situations cause tremendous frustration and do add stress to relationships.  I know it sounds like I have no advice.  Of course I don't.  I'm just wondering if you might get a really detailed profile of your thyroid.  Hopefully you can have it checked several times over a three to six month period.  I imagine you gynecologist can advise if your pre menopausal or in menopause.  When I finally took the test, thinking I was starting to go into that phase, I found I was long past the end of the whole process!  

I don't think all your symptoms are connected to the same thing. I am positive you need a support group like this and more detailed evaluation on the thyroid.  It can have the strangest effects on our emotions and physical comfort when it is going up and down.  Some feel like they are going crazy.  Your not.  So count that out.  Good Luck.
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Thank you so much for the response. I do feel like some of it is my thyroid. I know it sounds stupid but before i found out I was hypo, my fingers began to look like i had been in water for hours. Then i started the levothyroxine and it cleared right up. Since all my symptoms started, my fingers are awful. Think about the pruniest your fingers have ever looked after swimming/bathing and multiple that by at least 10. They look awful.

I actually have not had an MRI of my spine but thats my next option and I'm calling tomorrow about it. I was in a car accident last January 2012 (hit head on by a drunk) and went through 7 months of physical therapy, chiro, accupuncture, massage, you name it. My neck and back have never been quite the same.

I'm not sure it could be menopause as I am only 27 years old...although i have read about rare cases of it at my age.

I do get hyper sometimes and super hungry lol which i know are symptoms of hyperthyroid. When i first went to the ER with my symptoms, my doc said my levels were regular but off the chart compared to what they usually were. But nothing was ever done with it.  And I've had anxiety since that car accident so i can't really tell if its because of the thyroid.
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The comment by your Dr. "Off the charts compared to normal" might mean you are sensitive to the levels of Thyroxin.  The ER doctor must have seen you before, but does he communicate with your regular doctor or leave it up to you.  Here, they are so overwhelmed, they never send information to the family Dr.  My Dr. would have to request the info. and the patient has to sign a release form (normally done on admittance to the ER). Still, I've never know a doctor to do that. Not here. And, things fall through the cracks.  If not an endocrinologist (I've heard from some will review a blood panel, no follow up, and just send the results back if there is no other screening requested), you might consider an Dr. of Internal Medicine.  They can do the blood tests that will give a final picture of what is happening with your Thyroid.  For some, they get the Hypo reading, are prescribe one dosage that works forever. Others have much more trouble finding the right dose. This is most likely if the thyroid decides to put your through a burning out process of ups and downs (too much and too little) u   Think about it getting several random tests from a doctor that understands how complicated disorders of the thyroid can be. LOL

Then, you had a car accident and have yet to have an MRI of your entire spine.  This might have been helpful to the neurologist.  You don't seem to be suffering brain damage. But if you do have some pressure on nerves in the cervical spine, certain PT with ongoing, daily strengthening (to target specific muscles) are so important. They help to relieve pressure on nerves that can cause some of the symptoms you mentioned. Without the entire MRI of the spine, symptom relief might not be effective in between visits.   With that much trauma, I am surprised you did not have an MRI ordered.  But, sometimes we aren't told the whys or why not's.   I'm one who needs that info. so I don't go on WebMD and end up with some terminal illness from a headache! LOL

You say you were diagnosed with Anorexia as a teen, but you have a healthy diet now.  Normally, in cases of actual Anorexia. In most cases, symptoms do start to show up at puberty.  They can come and go, and the weight fluctuates until the final illusion of control is in place.  It doesn't just go away.  I never had it.  I looked as though I did, but had a seriously low fat diet, low carb and worked 24/7.  I do have a panic disorder and it flared up during this time due to lack of calories and rest.  The Psychologist diagnosed Anorexia.  It was the latest, most popular diagnosis.  My first experience  with sever weight loss was due to the same circumstances. Anorexia was a rare diagnosis, and I did not have panic attacks because I was prescribed Valium. That is when my period stopped for a year.   I understand you are probably not experiencing menopause, but I wonder if your weight is within a normal range now.  If you are still eating a healthy diet and in control of your weight, make sure you are eating enough to keep the reproductive system happy.  I too lost all drive during that period (or time; pardon the pun :)   As soon as I started eating more, my period returned and I was as normal as clock work until menopause.

I wish, and as  young as you are you might have a chance, you could be seen at one of Mayo Clinics.  A range of symptoms that have so many "maybe it's this or maybe it's that" can take years from you.  My problems started in earnest in 2003.  Life has never been what it was.  Drs. would help, but where I live, just to see a Dr. that doesn't scare you requires driving forty miles.  For more thorough testing, and testing that is not pleasant (colon issues big time) I have to travel 3 hrs.  I tried once.  By the time my reg. Dr. felt I did have more the IBS...and after three unnecessary operations, I'm exhausted. I have no energy and gave up.  Please don't.  Yes, being in a hospital for a week, with the specialists working and consulting as a team and all the modern testing devices available; well, your insurance company would save a lot of unnecessary expense. And most importantly, you would not have to drag it out, making your own decisions on what Doctor for which problem.  You're young and that does make a difference in how you are treated. Not always, but when I was young I felt they really were interested in helping.  Now, at 58, I feel they will put on temporary band aides and let me pass on; literally.  It is human nature for some.  So do it now, or try.  Ten years seems impossible to go without any relief. I only managed to get pieces of the picture years after the Drs. knew.  Different specialists and too much co pay and no energy leaves me stuck.  It seems like yesterday when it began.  Keep me posted. I'd love to hear how things progress.  Meaning how things are resolved!  

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