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Hormone imbalance?

Hello, my name is Sarah. I have had issues with my period, energy, moods, and bowels for the last 2-3 years. I am 18 years old and I have had my blood tested, my stool tested, and I have been given ultrasounds. These tests were all taken over a year and a half ago though, my doctor has not requested i be tested further. I have never been to the gyno. My problems started when I lost around 45 pounds almost 3 years ago. I weighed 168 and within a year i weighed 125. My doctor told me that I was not underweight. This is around the time they did the tests on me, around January 2014. They did this because I was feeling weak, tired, extremely moody, having very irregular bowel movements, and my period had stopped. I started my period when i was 11 years old, and ever since then i had normal regular periods; i never missed. I had stopped my period up until November 2014 when my doctor put me on birth control. Immediately after starting this birth control I started my period, but my other symptoms (low energy, irregular bowels, moody) were still occurring. I took this birth control until April 2015. I took myself off birth control because i felt that it made me gain weight and change my moods massively. Once i was off birth control, my periods stopped. To this day I still have not had a period and my bowel movements, energy, moods, and strength are thrown out of whack. I went to the gastrointerologist over the summer to see if my bowels were the issue. They were not; my doctor said my autonomic nervous system was in overdrive and gave me seizure medication to calm me down that I did not take. I am a health nut and I believe that medication isn't the answer unless it is a life or death situation. I do not eat gluten, dairy, sugar,oils except olive and coconut, and nothing artificial.  I recently went to a new doctor because I had to switch since I turned 18 a couple of months ago. I talked to her and she gave me birth control because she hypothesized that my hormones are out of whack due to my weight loss a couple years ago. I would really rather not take birth control or any medication that is not natural because I do not like the side effects. I do not want to put synthetic hormones into my body. So, my question is, are there any alternatives to birth control, taken to get my hormones back to their balanced state? What can I take to get my hormones back in check? I exercise regularly, not too streniously though. I eat a very healthy diet and I get enough calories throughout the day. If I do not take the birth control, what will happen to my body? I'm worried that I will be infertile. What does it mean to have regular periods for several years and then all of a sudden just stop? Will I become infertile if I don't have my period? I really appriciate any answer, I just can't seem to find any answers. My worry is that I am going through menopause in my teens because I have all the symptoms of a menopausal woman. Thank you.
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