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Hormone levels

I am having some gynae issues (2nd episode - last was a year ago) - periods suddenly stopped out of the blue, bloating, pelvic pain, especially in the right ovary area and causing mild sciatica and feeling slightly nauseous and damp forehead. I have a green discharge, non-odorous, no bleeding, no itching, urinary urgency (kind of normal for me but worse than normal - no pain when I pee). The discharge has been tested for everything and anything so far all negative -, waiting one more check where dr took the swabs herself to be absolutely certain. Several rounds of different antibiotics haven't cleared up the symptoms. I've also had a whole load of negative blood tests all negative except B12 is above normal FSH is 46 u/L and LH is 44. u/L.

Are these hormone levels odd? I am a late 40's female. My periods have been like clockwork but they stop dead when I get these symptoms. Has anyone encountered this or can explain what might be going on? The pain is getting worse rather than better and the right ovary area feels as though there is a small lump. Could there be a non-infectious cause for the symptoms?Also Is this an A&E problem - currently I'm being routed to the gynaecologist but the appointment could take weeks.

Many thanks

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Oh good times.  Sorry to hear it's bad.  Have you ever been told you may have an ovarian cyst?  They usually are completely benign and simple cysts pass on their own.  I think in another post you mentioned you had your thyroid checked and it was borderline low. Low or slow thyroid WILL mess up your period.  I had slow thyroid in my 20's and I had periods every 3 to 4 months but I'd get pms the whole time at 3 weeks on until I got my period.  So had the bloating, etc. that you describe.  

The discharge is something I'm not sure about.  Honestly, if they've tested it and it is nothing, I'd try not to worry about that.  My discharge changes with my hormones all the time and it is still normal.  Even though I'm sure that is a pain and green discharge is freaky.  

When do you think you can get in to your gyn?
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Hi thanks so much for your reply. I've not posted before and don't have a low thyroid. Visit to gynae could be sometime off unless I pay to go privately.  

My final swab came back from the public health service negative today although I believe that only STI are tested by NAAT, all non-STI are just culture plates which I'm told are not as sensitive. So I have a private test to do which will cover a range of atypical bacteria by PCR which will take another week. If that is negative then may have to assume its not an infection.

However I have read countless papers and articles - I cannot find a single one that says you can get a green discharge without an infection and it's been confirmed as coming from the cervix, not the vaginal walls (until then I had no idea that these were two separate things!). So its a confusing picture.

I also read medical papers which indicate that my hormone levels are suggestive of ovarian failure, (my periods stopped dead in August) which can be caused by a bacteria, but this can only be confirmed with a laparoscopy. It will be some weeks before I can see a gynae on the public health service, so unfortunately  I have to either sit it out or pay for the whole thing privately. All feelings of shame aside, a "straightforward STI" might have been so much easier to treat!!

Hopefully the ultrasound will be soon and would show any cysts - although they weren't there last year.

Thanks again for your advice.

Oh my gosh, apologies.  I thought you'd had another post.  So, thyroid.  That IS something to get checked then.  When we have a slow thyroid, it can impact our hormones and our cycle.  I understand your fear for the 'green'.   All the other things you are experiencing are easily attributable to other things.  My guess is, again, that you have a cyst.  I would also guess that your hormones aren't in balance.  Ovarian failure is not something I'd be concerned with---  your hormones regulate ovulation.  That is the likely culprit for period cessation.  And it has not been that long.  When I had thyroid issues of a slow thyroid, I got periods every 3 to 4 months. Long stretches without a period.

Really, the only thing you can do is see an ob/gyn when you have the funds.  Let us know!  (and yes, a simple answer that you could treat would be nice here, right?
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