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Hormones decreasing sex drive?????Please help

Hi I am a mother of 4 kids incl. 2 year old twins.  I HAVE NO SEX DRIVE AT ALL.  You couldn't turn me in with a switch right now.  Its been about 4 years that i've been feeling this way.  I love my husband sooo much and want to have an active sexlife with him.  I think of im as very attractive and loving. We use to have a sex life that most people only dream of having.  I feel like he is becoming frustrated about it and I dont blame him.  

My mom and my sister have had numerous problems with hormones and ovarian and uterine cysts.  They both have endometriosis my mothers resulted in a total hysterectomy,  my sister is having difficulty getting pregnant and we all have very painful periods with heavy flow.  Both my sister and I were very petite in high school and we are both somewhat over weight now.  My mother was very over weight until her hysterctomy.  Post hysterecotmy she lost weight so easily.  

Im just wondering if any of these things(decreased sex drive,  weight gain, and abnormal and irregular peroids)have any connection to one another.  I really would like to have a noraml sex life.  i worry that my husband is going to get fed up with this issuse.  The weight gain and abnormal periods i can deal with.  Please help.  My doctor has not really addressed these things.  I feel like he just sweeps them under the rug.
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Has your thyroid been checked?The reason why I'm asking is because women or men with hypo or hyperthyroidism lose there sex drive.Ask your doctor for thyroid  blood panel.Make sure he has the lab check your t3 and t4 levels also instead of just your tsh level.I've went through the same problem for the past 9 years.I had my thyroid checked again in March of this year,it showed nornal.They only checked my tsh.They didn't check my t3 or t4.The only reason I found out is because I had an ultrasound done of my thyroid gland when they checked my carotid arteries.I have several 1cm cysts on my thyroid gland.If your doctor keeps sweeping your concerns under the rug you need a new one.Having thyroid disorder is dangerous if left untreated.At least have it checked out.Having an over active thyroid can cause weight gain/mostly water retention.It can all so make you feel fatigued all the time.All so hair loss is another symptom.Talk to your doctor,make him listen don't leave until you are satisfied with his answers.Take Care Of Your Self.GOD BLESS YOU MOMMY.TNT406.
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After having my 5th child..I took the Depo-Provera shot 2-3 times...I experienced loss of desire and hair loss.  Have you been taking any kind of meds for any reason?  That could have a lot to do with it..How old is your youngest?  Sometimes for awhile after having a baby can affect you, especially if you could be worried about getting pregnant or something.
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Sorry its taken me so long to answer.  Ive been extremely busy?  I have 21/2 yr old twins, a 4 year old daughter and a 10 year old son.  Im not taking any medications of any kind and my husband has had a vasectomy.  i just have no desire.  Please help.
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