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Horrible dizzy spells.. vertigo?

Hello All!!

A little about my background, I'm 25, white, female. I have had some crazy health issues over the last three years that I have finally figured out and am getting better. After a multitude of symptoms from; lightheadedness, dizziness, constant thirst, nearly fainting, rapid pulse, skipped rhythms (cardiac), flu like symptoms, abdominal swelling and pain, severe burping, heartburn, extreme thirst, chronic fatigue... etc. Yes, scary stuff!!

I was DX with gallbladder disease, had it removed this year in January. 6 months later DX with Reactive Hypoglycemia (a type of low sugar that occurs chronically 2-4 hours post meals). I changed my diet, lost 40lbs, and still felt sick. After a million doctor visits (cardiology, primary, gastro and I am now seeing and endocrinologist) I had an upper endoscope and came back positive for H-pylori infection. I was treated and as of last week, my specimen was negative (yay)))!!!  My cardiac report was just "benign tachycardia" (fast heart beat) which is nearly gone now that h pylori is gone.

I am still suffering pretty severe dizzy spells. I thought I was getting better, until a horrible spell today has me really questioning what in the world to do. My doc already thinks I'm crazy with all these symptoms, but I've proven time and time again that there was something wrong when he insisted it was anxiety. I felt like I was spinning, like everything was whipping by me really fast. It only lasted maybe two minutes, then subsided, but I am extremely concerned. I have an apt in two weeks for an eye exam.. maybe something there, I don't know. It can not be an ear infection, because I was on 2,000mg of antibiotics a day for h pylori. Surely that would've cleared an inner ear infection or sinus infection.

What do I suggest or ask of my doctor without looking like I'm just a worry wart? Three years of dizziness is enough, especially when my other symptoms are improving and this one is not... I feel so hopeless because I'm 25, so he isn't going to want to investigate it further. I do have some tightness deep in my ears, sometimes popping, ringing, etc, but it isn't chronic, as the dizziness is.

Anyone suffer similarly? heck, id love to just have some level of support right now, even if no answers :'-(.
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