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How can i regulate my peeiods cycle?

Hello,i'm 25years old and my waight is about 98 kg so i am doing walk 2tims daily( 40 mints one time ) & losing waight ,I Want to ask you about my period,my cycle is not regular. Its come 60 to 65 days after. Please sages me, how it will cure. Please sages home remedies for me, because in past i used medicines Although its effected but its not a permanent treatment so guide me. I'will be thank full to you.
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Hi there.  Well, great news about your trying to lose weight and get in shape!  That's always hard to do but so worth it for how it makes us feel and our health.  Losing and gaining weight in itself can cause us to be a bit irregular.  Depending on your age, if you are young, it can also be normal to be irregular.  You are having long cycles and if you are heavier than you feel you should be, perhaps your thyroid is slow or you are hypothyroid.  You can have this checked by your doctor.  To regular a period, they may need to put you on birth control pills during this time.  However, I suspect if you get to your goal weight and stay there a bit, you may begin to have more regular periods.  Good luck
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