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How do I deal with constantly high vaginal Ph?

I’ve been doing some research on my own and it appears that I may have a naturally high vaginal Ph. I’m 19, a virgin and I have only been to the gyno once a couple of years ago and he said I was probably fine (he only asked questions, there was no examination). Since I was a kid I’ve had constant discharge, even before my period started. My pediatrician told my mother that I should wash my vagina with vinager. That does work, the discharge and the smell (strong fishy smell, always) stop for a couple of days, though I don’t always remember to do it. If I did this for long enough would it stop permanently? This definitely got worse after puberty. Is there a reason for it being so high all the time, all these years?
I was wondering if there's aren’t any permanent solutions for this, since applying apple cider vinager everyday is not very convenient.
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Go see a better ob/gyn. Say just that you are concerned about discharge and a strong, fishy smell. Don't wipe with vinegar for a few days before the appointment (if you are putting it *in* your vagina, stop doing that for good; you will definitely mess up your vaginal flora if you douche), but don't wipe for several days so the ob/gyn can confirm what you are saying about the smell and discharge when she does an exam. Don't go on about theories of having a high vaginal Ph, just say what the actual problem you see is, which is the fishy smell and the discharge. Let the doctor do the assessment, not the Internet.
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