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How do I fix my menstruation?

This is a little complicated, which is why I have yet to call my gyno...
Background information: I am in a long distance relationship.
I was on the pill and I started some breakthrough bleeding on February 13th, however my loved one was coming up for Valentines day so, wanting to stop bleeding, I took extra birth control. (Probably NOT a good idea?) Well something worked and I stopped bleeding. However, I then got scared and curious if my body needed to bleed and so once he left i stopped taking my birth control, as to force a period... well no period came. Then finally February 24th, (a scary week after he left, of course I then freaked out about potential implantation bleeding) I got my period, it was a normal 4 days long and rather heavy. So at this point I hadn't been on the pill for a week, and continued off of it because I was starting a medicine that interfered with the pill and made it must less affective so I figured I'd save my birth control and start up once I got a normal period again. So weeks went by and I wasn't too concerned with it, then came March 23rd. That was the day I should have gotten my period, however... I did not. I broke out the week before but never got my period. Coincidentally I barely ate the week before, however I don't think that could be much of a factor... So, very scared I took a pregnancy test, and another one. Both negative. I would be 6 weeks pregnant at this point, and I know there are false negatives, but 6 weeks should be enough time right?
So now I'm just curious where is my period? Should I get blood work done to make sure I'm not pregnant? Can I start taking birth control again even though my period never came, or should I wait it out longer? My fiance is coming up next week and while we'll have to use condoms, I like to have a backup of a birth control cushion so as to be double safe. I haven't had any major pregnancy signs, I have been slightly depressed, a little stressed, and concerned lately though.
Thanks for any advice, websites or suggestions you have. I'm just really worried I mess it up. I never thought I'd yearn for my period as deeply as I have been this last week.

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6 weeks is plenty of time to take a pregnancy test, however if you are worried you can get a blood test taken to confirm.  If you have been on birth control for a while, you are able to change your cycle with the pills (look at seasonique where you get 4 periods/year).  The pill works because you take the "active" pills for 21 days and then placebos for 7 days (you can actually toss these without taking them because they don't contain medication, they are to help you to remember when to start your cycle).  It is not uncommon after stopping birth control for you to not have a period for several months because of the hormone withdraw, especially if you have been taking them for a long time.  If you start taking your pills again, it should regulate your cycle in about a month.  If you don't want to get your period as frequently, talk to your doctor about seasonique/seasonal.
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okay thanks that was really really reassuring.
and I don't want to jinx it but I think my period started today. It's just scary when it's a week late. Thanks!

And, it's funny that you should mention it because i AM on seasonique and that's the scariest part of all is because you could be 3 months pregnant before you even know. Although it is really nice for the summer! Thanks again!
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