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How do I get rid of my saggy vagine?!

Im 15, and I have a really saggy vagina, because i use to play with it and stuff when I was younger, nothng bad though ahha! But its reallllly bad, and im so insicure about myself and dont want to do anything and im scared of having a bf iv only had sex with one guy a lot but my WHOLE vagina is saggy, not just my vagina hole, the top of it is realy bad about like this long..


I need to get rid of it, hes a huge part of my life i just want to get rid of!

Please help!!
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Dear davies04,

If you are wondering how you can go about treatment in relation to your health Insurance coverage, please provide some information about your current coverage. If not, I recommend posting your question on the Women's Health Community forum.


Amir Mostafaie
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You are only 15 and sexually active already.  I know you kids are having sex at earlier ages than in the past, but at 15.  That means you are only in the 10th grade.  If your vagina area does not hurt or cause pain, there should be no medical reasons for it.  As you grow you may see changes.  Women like men have different shapes and sizes of sex organs.  If you are having irregular periods and you are experiencing pain then seek medical help.  
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omg me to...and i dont wanna do anything becasue im too embarassed i dont know what to do about it, i wanan get rid of it..have u done anytiing about it yet

please rite back
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theres nothing you can really do for sagy lips on a vagina. the only think i know you can do is have surgery.
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Me To, I really Want To get Rid Of It, But the Sad Sort Is.. Im 13! And Yea.. I really Wwant to get Rid of it, It Looks Discusting,
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omg me too.. i thought i was alone on this..
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