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How long does it take for TSS to set in?

I feel so absolutely stupid, being almost 18 and doing this, but I put a tampon in in the morning, and it completely slipped my mind for the until like midnight that night. This is like my worse nightmare, so I may just worrying too much, since TSS is so rare, but how long on average does it take of symptoms to set in?
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Well, I have TSS, and I would have to say you would know almost instantly when you put in a new one. Tampons to my knowledge don't have a limit on when you should change them out, some women bleed worse than others and would have to change them more frequently than others. My TSS was instant when I put a tampon in and it really ***** because I can't go swimming when I am on my period.
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@Babygirl: Any box of tampons I've ever used has said to change within eight hours, full or not.

To OP: TSS onset sounds like it can be sudden or gradual but generally if you survive the initial onset, you can expect to recover within 2-3 weeks. Symptoms are a high fever (102+), nausea, low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure, and widespread skin rash.  If you notice any symptoms, get checked out by a doctor as this can lead to more serious things.

I can't find anything more specific on how long it takes on average to set in.  The incidence in the US is 1/100,000, though, so your odds are pretty small.  I've left my tampon in longer than suggested a few times and never had anything happen.  Something that makes the risk even lower is you aren't always going to have S. aureus or group A Strep on your skin, and these are the bacterium related to it.

Relax and try not to worry about it.
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This has happened to everyone at least once. There is not set time period for the symptoms to set in. It is a staph infection so it just depends on how healthy you are and if you have ever had a staph infection before. You increase your chances of tss by using the wrong size tampons and changing tampons when they are dry. It is believed that this may cause small tears in the vaginal walls making is possible for tss to enter into the blood stream or leaving tampons in for too long allowing bacteria to spread. If I were you I would monitor yourself for the next week and if you start to feel sick as given in examples in the above post then go to the dr or er asap. Best wishes, Sissie
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i left in a tampon for about 15hr..... and i leaked now all the sudden ( a day later) i have dierrea,headaces, an burning eye thing....... an a lil dizzyness ............i want to know if tss makes u bleed more while on ur period or less?someone plz help me im scared an 13
It is normal as a female to bleed a little heavier then they usually do u periods t never the same sometimes even the time u get it changes its just ur body making a few changes
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Tss can take up to a week but can also form over night..u should not leave in a tampon over 8 hours i know I have done it a couple times but it is very unhealthy and u shouldn't sleep w it in either I would much rather any female wear a pad
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Ive used tanpons over Saturday Sunday Monday I don't have symptoms apart from dihoria and a little nauseous I always worry about tss I don't know why just ever since I have read about it it scares me would I seriously know if I was ill with it I've no temperature or anything plz sumone speak to me I have very bad anxiety and over think everything :(
Can I just add I'm currently not using tamping at the minute
I would talk to someone about your anxiety.  This seems to be an unreasonable fear.  If you're not leaving your tampon in for 24 hours, you're not going to get TSS.  While it is on the package insert and there may be someone somewhere that got it, it's rare.  Very rare.  You would know if you have TSS.  It is like sepsis.  You'd be curled up in the fetal position in pain, fevered and in bad shape.  

How about working on the anxiety?  This is impacting your life where as TSS never will.  So, you need to talk to your mom, your school counselor, etc. about this anxiety.  good luck!
Thank you very much my anxiety is really bad I'm on proponolol to slow my heart rate as I get physical sides of anxiety I started the propololol on Saturday could be the tablets getting in my system and because I feel a change in my body I get scared I've jus come to bed and took a sleeping ra let as I would rather be asleep than awake worrying and panicking myself it's 8:40pm in the uk xxx
That is not a great medication to treat an anxiety disorder. That's something people take if they are doing something like giving a speech.  For worry and anxiety, you need a long acting medication that will work around the clock.  good luck
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