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How much is it normal to bleed on your first time?

Girls I just had sex for the first time a few hours ago and I didn't bleed much that moment but like 30 minutes later I started bleeding like crazy, first I had like clogs of blood but that stopped now it's just dripping but it never stops dripping! I don't know what to do, is that normal? I am freaking out. It didn't last long though it was really quick but it hurt like crazy and it was also from the fron and from behind, does that have to do anything with the excess of bleeding maybe? please help me, can I do something to make it stop? I'm really scared I don't even want to have sex again.
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Is it your period..?
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Bleeding that occurs due to your first time shouldn't be too terribly much.  A light flow at most afterward quickly decreasing to spotting that lasts maybe 2-3 days.  The position shouldn't affect the amount of blood, though I wouldn't have recommended that to a first timer since it is deeper penetration and can hurt if your partner goes too deep even if you've been having sex a long time.  However, part of the pain was that it's your first time and your body's not used to the things being done to it plus if your hymen was intact...

Either way, it sounds like you've got a lot more blood than you should after your first time.  If it's still nonstop flowing in the morning, go to urgent care or the ER if your doctor doesn't offer urgent care on the weekend.

Just a head's up: you will have some spotting the next two or so times, but it shouldn't be more than a brief light flow and spotting 2-3 days then either.  I'd recommend either girl-on-top or missionary if it hurts the next time and once your body's gotten used to it, start experimenting with different positions that allow you deeper penetration and don't be afraid to tell your partner if you need it gentler or less deep regardless of position.
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hii..I just had sex for the first tym b4 5 days..Then it just bled a little bit i was so scared so we stopped. Then we tried to do it again yesterday. As we just started, we did not had the intercourse and it started bleeding in a big amount.
and the bleeding stopped within 5 minutes.My bf told me i must have got periods we didn't continue. But my normal cycle is after 10 days. Is it something normal?? or anything is wrong with me..M very much scared.
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