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How much weight did everyone gain during there pregnancy?

Hey Everyone. I just got back from my 28th week appointmet. I had my sugar test done and my Rhogam shot! It was fun. Well, my Doc pissed me off a little. This is the second time that she has commented on my weight. She told me that I would probably gain 40-50 lbs total and that is OK, but it will be very hard work for me to loose the weight. I don't feel very big, I mean my tummy is huge, but I am still in size 7 pants and my face and arms and butt are still small. I started out weighting 140lbs and I now weigh 160. 20 lbs in 28 weeks. I am 5'6" tall with a medium bone frame. Do you guys think this is too much? I have between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy left and I don't plan on gaining 30 lbs in this third trimester...eeek! This is my second baby, but I din't remeber how much I gained in the third trimester? How much did all of you gain?
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jackie you are doing great!!!!!!!stinky ol dr. you dont worry you will be just fine!
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oh ya.when i was pg with my son i was doing great. not gaining too much. exercising. then i went on bedrest with preterm labor. a sucky 6 weeks. so i ended up gaining like 50 pounds!
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Yeah, she is like maybe 5 years older than me, and I dont know f she has any kids or not, but she is a stick.
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i gained 40 pounds and enjoyed every single pound :)
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I gained 50 lbs with my daughter, and that wasn't so good.  I only weighed 115 when I got pg, and well you can guess what I ended up with!  I only gained 25 lbs with my son, and he was healthy, and so was I....My dr. said that a 30lb weight gain with a full term pregnancy is ideal.
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Thanks guys. I did some reasearch, and it looks like I am right on track. If I am good this trimester, I look to gain between 8-12 pounds, which will put me at about 30-35 pounds of weight I will have gained. I just think that my doc is a bit insensitive. I wish I had the guts to say something to her. I think that she should be more careful on how she words things. I mean as if looking like I swallowed a basketball wasn't difficult enough!

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I gained about 23 pounds!
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I am sometimes so surprised by the insensitivity people have when discussing weight gain!!!??  Don't they know how crazy women can get just by thinking about it!  And not to mention, a pregnant women!  You are doing very well!
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I hope this web address copied correctly.  It's the March of Dimes chart on how much weight gain is desirable during pregnancy.  I don't see where the doctor got the snide remark, myself.  I'm at 30 weeks and have gained 21 lbs. and that hasn't bothered my doctor at all.
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Hi - with each of my 3 previous pregnancies I gained an average of 28lbs (or around 12-13kgs). My normal pre-pregnancy weight is around 112lbs and I am 5'7" - I am probably considered quite slim for my build normally. All my babies weighed in on or over 9lbs, so the rest of my weight gain (that didn't include the baby) was around 18-20lbs. I thought this was pretty normal and to be honest your weight gain sounds fine. I don't think you'll put on as much weight as your dr indicated in the next few months. Maybe another 15-20lbs tops (if that). So far with baby #4, I have put on 11.5lbs and I'm only 17.5weeks. This is about right for how my body has been when I compare it to my other pregnancies. I wouldn't stress too much - just let your body do what it's going to do and worry about weight issues after - not now...you don't need anything else to worry about at the moment and also the doctors aren't always accurate with their estimations. None of them predicted that my babies were going to be 9 pounders, they said I'd be lucky to produce 7lb babies! Ha - talk about being way off!!!
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I gained 120lbs. lol WAY TOO MUCH!! I was as big as a whale!
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I gained around 35lbs, which is good I was told for my age, previous weight, and height. Most of the people I talked to gained around 80lbs. I am 24 ,used to weigh 115lbs, and I am 5'8". You are doing really good!
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