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How to Treat Sore Breasts From Extra Active Sex Life

My breasts, esp nipples are really tender. I know it's because my sex life has ramped up. (From the release of oxytocin w orgasm, I'm guessing)  I have major fibrocystic tissue in my breasts. Don't know if this is contributing or not.

How can I get relief without avoiding sex?
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Could possibly be iodine deficiency or progesterone deficiency......maybe.  Need to keep track of when it is better of worse in relation to your monthly cycle or anything else. You age would be helpful.  It could be related to menopause if you are at that time of your life.  
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Thanks, Irena.

It is not an iron deficiency or a progesterone deficiency or menopause related. I'm looking for ideas about how to treat the problem.
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