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How to get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis

How can you get rid of bacterial vaginosis naturally? I’ve taken metro antibiotic pills, and I’ve used the metro vaginal cream but there has still been a slight burning sensation and itchy sensation for close to 3 months now. I’ve even used yogurt and probiotics in my vagina to see if that would help. It’s not a STD, because I’ve been tested and the doctor said it was BV some weeks ago.  
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I've heard that there is no natural remedy for BV, though people do post on the Internet to try one thing or another. Also, burning and itching can come from other issues, like yeast infections (which can come after antibiotics). Have you been tested specifically for BV again since the time some weeks ago?

In case it helps when trying to figure this out, when I had a bacterial skin infection on my arm, my doctor wrote a scrip for a strong antibiotic appropriate for cellulitis. It stopped getting worse, but didn't heal much. I went back to see her and she was surprised at the infection's persistence. She gave me another equally long-term antibiotic prescription, and only about halfway through that did it begin to visibly go away.  Bacterial infections can be surprisingly stubborn.

I only mention that in case the round of the antibiotics the doctor gave you for the BV was the right drug but maybe just didn't run on long enough. In the absence of home remedies that people swear always work, maybe it would be good to check in with your doctor again and get swabbed to reconfirm that it's BV, and then try another run of the antibiotics. At the very least, you can then be sure that is what you have.
You do have a valid point that it could be yeast after a round of antibiotics, but the other day I had that metallic fish smell but today I don’t. So I don’t know what to do but I might hold off on using anything strong and see if it will clear completely up on it’s own. That day I had the itchy and fishy smell was the day I wore tight pants so I definitely need to wear loose clothing
Also, I don’t want to keep going back to the doctor for this because I got a high lab bill from the doctors office so if I can figure out a way naturally to get rid of it for good, I’m going to try that first.
The smell reported with BV is not metal or fish, more like dead or rotten meat. You might well have a subsequent condition after the antibiotics and not BV any more. Good luck with the suggestions others have given you.
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Bacterial vaginosis is a big pain,right?  You've had your doctor get a specimen and look?  What about this?  You could have had BV. Treated for it with antibiotics. Antibiotics kill off good bacteria so ph changes and yeast overgrowth occurs. Then you have yeast which is more common for itching and stinging.  BV is more of a foul odor without a lot of feeling to it.  Is there any way that this could be going on?  Otherwise, the thing about BV is that it is quite resilient.  And if you are sexually active, your partner needs to be treated with the medication too because you can pass the bacteria back and forth if you have unprotected sex.  

Some people do take salt baths and say it helps.

But the truth is that BV often WILL just resolve out of nowhere after periods of time being there.  I had BV myself years ago for about 6 months.  Rounds of antibiotics and it just kept coming back. And then it was just gone.  BV loves moist, dark, warm environments. So, wear cotton underwear, change it when you sweat and try sleeping without undies sometimes to 'air' out.  
I meant to say that if it is BV and yeast then after treating for BV, that your doctor can try yeast medication to take immediately following the antibiotics.
Hoping that it will clear up on its own because I don’t really want to have to use something strong like metro gel or antibiotics because it changes your ph and like you mentioned can cause a yeast infection and it’s like a vicious cycle of trying to get rid of it. I’m feeling better and it’s not itching or burning like it was before. The day i noticed the smell and itch recently was when I wore some tight pants so I definitely need to wear loose clothing
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Have you had it confirmed that you still have BV? I only ask because you could now have yeast or something, and you should be tested to find out.

If it is BV, and you don't want to take antibiotics again, you can try a strong probiotic, though it can take a long time. It took me a month of fem-dophilous, 2 capsules a day, to feel normal again.
Oh and I should add that I tried this on my own because I was going from BV to yeast to BV to yeast, and I was tired of it. I am not giving any medical advice, nor suggesting that you try this without researching it for yourself first.
Yea I definitely want to give probiotics a longer try because it’s a vicious cycle of taking antibiotics like metro and the metro cream and it causes a yeast infection. I tried yogurt and probiotics in my vagina and it was about the only thing that would bring comfort. So I think it was working but I just didn’t stick with it long enough. I will try taking a stronger probiotic orally to see if that helps rid it for good.
Good luck. I know how awful this is. :(
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I have included relevant portions of UpToDate, evidenced-based clinical decision support tool used by doctors:

The two most common prescription medications used for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis are metronidazole and clindamycin. Both medications need to be used for multiple days and can be taken in pill form by mouth, or with a gel or cream that is inserted inside the vagina. Oral medication may be more convenient, but causes more side effects. A single-dose medication that is taken by mouth, secnidazole, is also available; however, it is often more expensive and is not more effective than metronidazole or clindamycin.

Approximately 30% of women who initially improve after treatment have a recurrence of bacterial vaginosis symptoms within 3 months, and more than 50% have a recurrence of symptoms within 12 months. It is not clear why this occurs, although it may be related to bacteria that were not completely treated or lack of a normal level of protective lactobacilli. Relapse can be treated with a prolonged course of oral or vaginal metronidazole or clindamycin for 7 days; the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests a treatment regimen different from the initial or previous treatment regimen (e.g., oral treatment if vaginal treatment used previously). Patients with more than 3 episodes of bacterial vaginosis in the past 12 months may benefit from longer treatment. This may include vaginal metronidazole gel twice weekly for 3 to 6 months. Probiotic therapy is of no value in preventing recurrence of bacterial vaginosis.

Source: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/bacterial-vaginosis-beyond-the-basics
Thank you!
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I have read that vaginal boric acid along with the standard medications may be beneficial for recurrent bacterial vaginosis. But the medical literature isn't clear on that.
Where do you find boric acid that’s safe enough to put in your vagina? I stopped by Walgreens and CVS and they didn’t have it
Possibly a health  and natural medicine store?  We have them in our area but think they are mostly local shops and not chains.  Amazon is always good for finding things too.  But I'd personally try the probiotics first.  
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Also, when I got BV, my doctor also wrote a prescription of the same antibiotic for my husband to take at the same time, on the theory that if not, he might pass it back to me once I was clear of it. Evidently it is not settled medical science that men can carry BV, but I guess the doc figured why take a chance. If you have a regular partner and keep getting the same problem and it doesn't seem to go away, and if your partner hasn't been treated, that might be an avenue to try.
I slept with a guy a few months ago that I got it from that I don’t currently date, and haven’t been sleeping with any man lately. So it should have cleared up by now. I’ve gotten tested for STD’s, and it’s not that. BV definitely comes from men and their penis or their mouth during oral sex. Obviously some don’t wash their penis good or have just carriers of bacteria. Yuck!
It's not a cleanliness thing. Men can have the infection like women can, even if they have no symptoms. He probably got it from a woman, and gave it to you, or you just got it coincidentally.

Yes, as Annie said, it isn't settled science, but it's been shown to pass back and forth between female partners, and men have tested positive for it.

When it's caused by oral sex, it's probably because of normal mouth bacteria entering the vagina. Men can get a urethral infection the same way.

For as many women that really, truly suffer with BV, there is a lot still unknown.
I'm still on the thought that what you have now is not sounding much like BV. Metallic fishy odor and itching aren't its usual hallmarks. I'd further explore the yeast-infection possibility, there are OTC solutions for yeast infections that you can try if you don't want to go to the doctor. If those fail, though, I would bite the bullet and see the doc again.
I’m starting to use some yeast infection cream to see if that will work. Thanks!
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Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there is a change in the number and types of bacteria in the vagina. Lactobacilli are a type of bacteria that are normally found in the vagina. In women with bacterial vaginosis, the number of lactobacilli is reduced. The reason for these changes is not known.

Risk factors for bacterial vaginosis include multiple or new sexual partners, douching, and cigarette smoking. Bacterial vaginosis is now thought to be a sexually transmitted infection, although most recurrences are not sexually related. Bacterial vaginosis can be transmitted by sex toys, oral-genital contact, and fingers. To reduce the risk of transmission, sex toys should be used with condoms, when possible, and cleaned after every use.

Source: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/bacterial-vaginosis-beyond-the-basics
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Treating the sexual partner does not improve the woman's symptoms or decrease the risk of the infection coming back; hence, treatment of male sexual partners is not recommended.

Source: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/bacterial-vaginosis-beyond-the-basics
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