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How to treat clitoral pain?

I have done something quite irresponsible last night. I was just rubbing my girlfriend down there, and my hands weren't probably completely clean (I haven't really done anything like this before). I was mainly stimulating the clitoris, at times using her wetness to lube her up. She didn't seem to mind and at that time, she wasn't in pain
or anything, in fact according to her she was enjoying it. After going back home though, she felt that the area around her clit became really sore and that it hurts horribly while trying to pee. It also itched when soap touched the area while trying to take a shower. It feels uncomfortable in general, and aches when trying to move. Most importantly, she says she has discovered some sort of a 'hole' beside her clitoris, which does not look like a scar, but is red. This has freaked us out both, and although I haven't seen the condition myself, I can't describe it more precisely. She says it's like the type of 'fold' we get when we apply pressure on our skin with the nail, except that it's round, tiny and deeper. She is also having pain in her tummy (in fact this happens when she masturbates too much) which makes it all the more worse. She is really mad at me and I know I have done something careless (especially when it is the first time we have been doing something like this), and I probably don't even deserve to be her boyfriend, but I feel really guilty and I want to help her in every way possible but I don't really know what to do about it. She hasn't spoken to anyone about it yet although she is suffering and all I care about now is that this condition goes away as soon as possible. She is not ready to go the gynecologist because she is too ashamed to talk about it as she is from a conservative family. Please help me out in this distress, and recommend me what I should do at the moment to relieve her from the pain. She is 19 years old by the way.
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She says it's like the type of 'fold' we get when we apply pressure on our skin with the **nails, except that it's round, tiny and deeper.
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Its always important to keep your hands clean when you are engaging in sexual activities. You may either have scratched her by accident or applied too much pressure on her clitoris. Overstimulation may feel good during the act but after that her clitoris would be swollen and painful. Give it a few days, if it does not get better then a doctor is warranted.
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