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Hymen removal surgery?

Is there any way to tell if you are still physically a virgin? I have never had sexual intercourse, but I have used tampons since I was 13 and I read in a magazine that this could cause the hymen to break, but I didn't know for sure. Also, if you are still physically a virgin, is there a doctor out there who will remove it for you? I want my wedding night to be pleasurable not painful.. Thanks.
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Does anyone know anything about this? It's alright if you dont, but if you do, please speak up!! I NEED you!! thanks.
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Generally, if you have been using tampons, you shouldn't have much of a worry about what will happen on the occasion of your first sexual intercourse.  You don't say how old you are, but if you are having regular visits to the gynecologist, he/she would know if there were something wrong--it would probably be very difficult to insert a speculum, too.  

Of course, it goes without saying that the partner needs to be gentle and understanding, go slow, and use plenty of lubricant.  

It is rarely indicated to have surgery in that area, unless there is a congenital deformity such as an imperforate hymen (one that completely covers the vaginal opening--you wouldn't pass menstrual fluid or be able to insert a tampon or speculum at all), or an unusually small opening, (which you would probably know about, because you would have difficulty inserting tampons.)

If you are still concerned, make an appt. to talk to your gynecologist and see what he/she says about it.

Hope this helps answer your question!
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Ah, yes that does answer my question.. So you mean to say, that if I am comfortable inserting tampons and have been, then my first experience won't be too painful?
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I agree with Christie, lubrication would be most helpful the first few times. Aside from the hymen, it will be somewhat uncomfortable just having intercourse for the first few times for other reasons. Tampons differ from actual intercourse with respect to the size of the object going in (I am trying to sound dignified saying all of this,lol).

As time goes on, it gets easier and better. Even after having both of my children, it took time for intercourse to be comfortable again.

Relax, go slow and you should be fine. I hate to sound awful but the first few times won't be sunshine and roses, but it should get better.

Good luck!
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Thanks guys! xoxo
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Hey Greeneyes,

I am 24 and was married last year. I was a virgin when I got married. I had no painful experience on my wedding night. It was great. I didn't climax, but it wasn't painful at all. I've used tampons since I was 16, so maybe that's why. I hope this makes you feel a little better!
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