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Hymnal dyspareunia, please help!

Hello everyone I have a very long Story and I'm going to try and make it as brief as possible.

I am a 28 year old female. Since I was 2 years old I have had yeast infections. As I got older they started to fluctuate between yeast and bacteria. I would get either or and get it treated, it was no fun but what ever they went away.

I was on the depo shot for a while and did not seem to have to many problems, except maybe a peiod here and there and of course the infections. Then I started getting my period and it would last any where from a month to 2 months. So I wanted to change my birth control. So i got off the shot and on to the pill. My infections got worse and seemed to be um-treatable.

Some where during this time span I had gotten the HPV shots. A few months later they thought I had HPV but everything came back normal, and has been ever since. This is the closest thing I have had to an STD, and to this day they have not found anything related to an STD.

Anyways back to the infections. I thought they could be related to the pill, so I tried the shot again. The same thing happened as predicted, and I got my period for months. So I went back on the pill and battled more infections. During the infections of course I did not try to have sex, I also tried everything in the book to treat them. Over the counter meds, cotton underwear, nature rem-ides and so forth.

When I didn't have an infection I was able to have sex with out pain. Although I often felt symptoms coming on after sex. Again no STD's and I've been with the same partner now for 8 years.

So out of options I got the implant or IUD in my arm. I have my period almost everyday now, whither it's heavy or light. When I don't have my period, we have tried to have sex but it's so painful i end up crying. After seeing specialist they diagnosed me with hymnal dyspareunia.  

This is inflammation of the hymnal ring. They don't know what causes it. I have tried diets and was given a steroid cream. When nothing changed after the f/u I had with the GYN he did not bother to give me an exam. Just stated to keep going with what I was doing. After only two visits with this particular Dr. I stopped going because I did not like his bed side manner.

I had a lapse in ins. and I am now back on track with a GYN getting an ultra sound and exam in January 2016. I hoping they will be more understanding,

I have also found out what I thought was TMJ is actually inflammation in the joints in my jaw. I also have inflammation in my back as well. I feel like they are all related. I saw a rheumatologist (arthritis/inflammation) and he seemed to ignore everything I brought up because my blood work was normal.

In the mean time I'm looking for any advice from anyone who has had this before. It's taken such a toll on my relationship and is causing me to be very depressed. I try to keep my head up but it can be really difficult. If you have stuck with my though out this whole thing I really appreciate it.

I will keep everyone posted myself if there are any changes, treatments or cures. Thank you all for reading. :)    

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