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Hystectomy and tummy tuck?

Has anyone has a hysterectomy and a tummytuck together?  I have an enlarged uterus and a fibroid, but my stomach is a mess after having 3 c sections.  I have a huge vertical painful scar and a extremely poochy belly.  I always had a great tummy and now it's just a fatty blob, stomach muscles stretched etc,,

I havent talked to anyone yet about having both procedures, justr wanted to some opinions of others who have done it or thought about it.
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I have read where both are done at the same time.  I agree, seems like an awful at at once!  I am looking for a new GYN since my previous one moved over to kaiser and I can't use him anymore.
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As AnnieBrooke stated, a hysterectomy is serious surgery. Personally
I wouldn't have both procedures together. A tummy tuck is serious
surgery too. I would have the hysterectomy first. Heal from that and
than consider a tummy tuck. I'm not a doctor, but having both surgeries
together at the same time may be dangerous. I'm surprised a doctor
has even agreed to do both at the same time. Do one at a time, not
both together. I wish you well. Eve
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It sounds great to me.  I've thought about various procedures over time, would not even mind visible scars if I could get rid of some saggy skin in key spots.  Thing about a hyster though it that it is serious surgery, you lose an organ and all.  Some docs might figure that is more than enough for one shot, and ask you to do the cosmetic procedure after all is well after the hysterectomy.
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