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Ok here is the situation.  I have posted here a couple of times before, and everyone was very helpful so I thought I would give it another try.  My Husband and I are actively TTC, Im currently on my 2nd month of Clomid 100mg times cycles days 3-7.  My Doctor seems to be concerned that I have not become pregnant yet, and suggested that I have a laproscopy done to see if my tubes are blocked.  BUT I totally dont want to have any unecessary procedures done, besides not ovulating on my own there were absolutely no other problems.  And I have never never had any STD's or PID, so those are the main causes of blocked tubes, right??? so why should I have this procedure done if I have never had any infections to cause my tubes to be blocked??? He said he doubts that they are blocked, but wants to be sure.  So are there other causes of tubes being blocked? and should I wait a couple of more months before putting my body through more tests??? helppppppppppp.  Thanks so much everyone.
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Do you show physical signs of Ovulation?  I was on Clomid and I got pregnant on the third monnth.  They usually won't let you use Clomid for no more then three months.  If this is only your second month you should wait one more month to do any procedures.  Are you charting your BBT?  U should do that too.

I would take the clomid on days three through seven
I would have phyical signs of ovulation on day twelve or so
on day 15 or 16 my temp would spike.

The best time for ttc is starting from day ten of your cycle
DH and I BD on days 12 through 16 and we finally conceived!
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oh yeah you need to remember you have two overies! they take turns each month releasing an egg.  next cycle could be your lucky cycle good luck
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No problem, Good luck with the baby making!
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Thanks a lot for your help.  I have been charting my temps, and I also use the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor so I did ovulate last month, just didnt get pregnant. So thanks for helping out.
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I personally wouldn't opt for it just yet ... if you only had one cycle of clomid that didn't result in pregnancy (since you said you are currently on your second cycle), I don't understand why he is concerned that you aren't pregnant yet. I would definitely say try to relax and give it another month or two before opting for anything else if you have any doubts about other procedures. Best wishes to you. I hope this is your month!
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   about 7 years ago, i was put on clomid and did the artificial insemenation 4 times trying to get pregnant. needless to say it never took and i still to this day havent had a baby. anyways, while taking the clomid i had the test performed to make sure my tubes were clear. they were and everything seemed fine. i can tell you that - that test is very painful. the doctor only gave me 3 ibuprophen for pain. i was squirming on the table. lol.. anyways, i hope everything works out for you and hopefully u wont have to go through all that pain. good luck..
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