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I am 20, I rarely ever have periods and I also have insomnia, anxiety problems

Ok, so I will explain to you guys what are my problems so that maybe someone will know what is wrong with me.
The first and most important problem that I have is almost never having period. The first time I had was at 15 and after a year of no periods, I decided to go to doctor. I discovered I had ovarian cysts and in order for them to disappear and have regular periods, I need to take birth-control pills. So, that’s what I did for like 2 years, but I decided to stop because from my research, pills have many many side effects. I went again to the doctor, found out I do not have ovarian cysts anymore, but I couldn’t have a period without taking pills. I did a lot of blood tests, went to different doctors and they all told me something else…One of them was sure I had hypothyroidism, another one said I am hypoglycemic. I was so fed up with doctors and blood tests and that’s why I kinda stop doing anything in order to be a ‘normal’ girl. Now, I am 20, last time I got my period (with pills) was in October and it lasted 3 days.
The symptoms I have, probably because of this, are: insomnia, for almost 4 years (falling asleep at 6 am every night, restless legs syndrome), hoarse voice, not exactly skinny but not fat either, size 12 UK, 5’9 tall (gained weight when I was on pills, which makes sense but managed to lose all the weight I gained in 2 months). Now, I don’t know why but I have started having anxiety problems…which are the worse. I’m not the type of girl who is emotional, likes to keep all of her problems to herself, but lately I am feeling sad. And it may sound superficial, but I have always been the happy type of person and I hadn’t understand why are there so many people having anxiety and panic attacks.
Another weird thing is that I NEVER cry. I just can’t, especially in front of other people even though I want to. I feel like I want to scream as loud as I can but something is holding me back. And I keep telling to myself that I am a strong person, because I have always been one, but it is so hard now...
That’s why I want to know if these problems, especially the depressing, anxiety and insomnia ones, are somewhat related to the fact that I don’t have a period.
Please help! x
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How are you? The menstrual cycle may be irregular for some girls during the first years due to hormone changes. Also, depression and anxiety may indeed be associated with your sleep problem. Long term or chronic insomnia may  be caused by stress, depression, anxiety and discomfort at night. For proper management, it is best that  It is best that you have this checked by your doctor.  An evaluation may include a physical exam, a medical history, and a sleep history. Treatment also includes first treating any underlying conditions or health problems that are causing the insomnia. Prescription medications as well as behavioral therapy may also help. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  Sorry you are having a tough time of it.  You know where I'd start?  The anxiety itself.  So often our cycles are affected by our mental health.  Hormones are indeed involved as are other brain chemicals.  So many women that have hypothyroidism also have low level depression and anxiety and they are very intertwined.  By working on the mental health piece, it often helps the hormonal piece.  The best approach to tackling anxiety issues (which you clearly describe symptoms of all the way down to being worried about taking birth control pills which are typically pretty benign in terms of side effects) is a combination of talk therapy and medication.  Both work really well and even if you aren't comfortable starting on a medication for anxiety, begin with the talk therapy.  Something is better than nothing.

When I was in my 20's, I had a series of things going on.  I was mildly depressed, I had a slow thyroid, and I produced too much estrogen.  This caused me to have very scant cycles maybe one every three to four months.  I did, however, experience pms symptoms stating three weeks after my period and lasting the full time until I got another one.  Not great, I will tell you!  

I never sought treatment for the hypothyroidism or the production of estrogen and worked on mental health.  Try this if you like.

I also think that eating well, maintaining weight without trying to gain or lose, and daily exercise really helps keep the bodies systems balanced.  

good luck
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