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I am 37 and worried about my menstrual cycle.

I'm worried about my cycle being late. I have had those troubling serious stomach issues and that has discouraged me from eating.... that also led me to dropping to 100 lbs. Now I'm worried about anything happening to my cycle in which it's even blocked although that might even be impossible.
I recently started getting night sweats out of nowhere. They are exhausting and I've been losing quality sleep. For almost a week, with the room temperature at night being around 65 and I would feel cool, I would still get them.
It feels like my cycle should star but it's not, and I'm just worried about anything that I might have done that could have even blocked any blood flow which again, I know that might be impossible. How could I have blocked any blood flow, or is it just running late? I need help to soothe my anxiety that something is terribly wrong or I could end up terribly sick.
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Gosh, you are going through a hard time.  You do sound to be having a hormonal issue with the hot flashes and losing massive weight can cause that!  I was trying to get pregnant and was about 103 pounds.  My doctor made a strong suggestion that I needed to be at a higher weight to have regulated hormones.  I was about 115 when I started having regular periods.  This is hard stuff.  Have you had your thyroid checked?  Sometimes an overactive thyroid can cause the symptoms you describe.  
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If you're of an average height and only weigh 100 lbs., it's not surprising that your periods would stop. If a woman's BMI goes down too far, that is one of the things that happens. No, you haven't "blocked your blood flow," you just don't have enough body fat for your body to allow you to ovulate. It's probably survival response from back when humans were hunter-gatherers -- if there isn't enough food, the body doesn't ovulate because getting pregnant would risk starvation.

I think unless you find a way to gain weight, your body will react in a lot of ways besides hot flashes and lack of a period. While you're working on finding out what is wrong with your stomach, can you at least add some calories through some of the body-weight increasing drinks that they sell?
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Yes, I believe it could possibly be the sudden weight loss. I've also had terrible time sleeping with weight loss, chills, and more "sudden breaks" to the bathroom that were heavy loads more than a few times within a few weeks. I didn't realize the impact it could have on not just my weight but also my cycle.  However, I want to note that I am 5"1 and have dropped to 100 lbs before, and probably had that weight for longer than I was aware while I was overly active outside, and my cycles still came as normal. But the night sweats and hot flashes, as well as increased urination and possibly off-period could also be a sign of perimenopause. I had my period last month, so it's too early to tell.
And yes I am taking your advice, encouraging to eat more. From my stomach issues before I really didn't feel like eating. but this was a reminder of how vital food is for my health. I don't want to be on the road of reaching 98 lbs. again.
And thank you for your time and the reply, I will keep you posted. If I have any other questions, I will post.
Try for at least reaching 105 to 107 lbs, and a lot of the symptoms might recede. You also need to be concerned that not having your periods can bring on osteoporosis. So take seriously the attempt to bring up your weight at least five pounds if not more, and see if that helps.
My cycle started yesterday. It was later than anticipated, but I've still been eating normally again and the night sweats are subsiding. I have returned to about 105 lbs, I should also mention that I'm only about 5'1", so I don't exactly look or even feel too thin. I'm just glad that I have more weight again and I'm eating well, I don't feel so discouraged anymore. I will note if any other symptoms return or occur.
Sounds like things are getting more normal. My guess is that if your weight drops for a prolonged time, your ovulation (and therefore your periods) shut down. Do your best to keep your weight above the 105 level and see if that proves out this possibility. If you are having trouble with your stomach, do talk to the doctor. Being underweight is not good for you.
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