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I am feeling nausea and lower abdominal pain with loose motion after being fingered.

So me and my boyfriend were watching a movie and then we got intimate and he started to finger me then he (ejaculated) jerked it off as well and we stopped for a while. We went out to get food and then went for a round two of fingering. Is it possible that I got pregnant this way as I'm having lower abdominal pain, nausea and loose motion sometimes though these symptoms didn't show up the very next day but after sometime. Also this was the first time of me being fingered. Please help me im just 16 years old and I'm terrified.
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I'm sorry you've been so worried about this. There isn't any chance of pregnancy from this.

First, I hope he washed his hands after he ejaculated on them and before eating, which would wash any sperm off them.

Second, the time in between the first and second encounter, and the movements with his hands - touching things, driving maybe, getting dressed, and whatnot - would have either wiped the sperm off or damaged it. (I really hope he washed his hands.)

The only way to get pregnant is actual sex. Lots of people say that fingering with sperm on the fingers can cause it, but that's a theoretical risk - where something could happen in theory, but probably won't.

If you and your boyfriend are becoming more intimate, now is a great time to talk with him about what kind of birth control method(s) you will use - birth control pills, condoms, etc., and if either of you have had any previous partners, STD testing is a must.

If your symptoms linger, or you've had them for longer than a few days, see your doctor. These can be symptoms of covid, so if you've had risks for that, get tested.

Hope you feel better soon!
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No I am his first partner and we both are still virgin and thank you sooo much feeling much more relieved rn
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No, fingering won't lead to pregnancy.  However, you sound very close to having actual sex so make sure you get yourself some condoms or on the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  You are just a few short steps away from intercourse, so be prepared.
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