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I don't know if I should be concerned

So, as the title says, I have dozens of hard, white bumps. They don't go away, or change, and they've been there for as long as I can remember. I, having trichotilomania, have tried to pop them. Usually, some odorless, white solid stuff will come out. Only two have gotten infected, but even then the infection dis down within a few days. Another thing to note is that I'm prone to ingrown hairs all over my body. What is this? I think they might be fordyce spots.
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So, do you receive therapy for your anxiety disorder?  I have a niece who has trichotillomania and that is hard.  I'm sorry you deal with that. You know picking is never recommended.  So, these bumps are doubtful to be Fordyce spots.  That's anxious thinking.  They are much more likely to be the common condition of keratosis pilaris.  Lots of people have this hon.  It's common if you've ever had eczema too.  Keratin builds up and blocks hair follicles.  Ways to help are to keep yourself hydrated through drinking.  Only take short warm showers (not hot ones), use only gentle soap, pat dry after and apply lotion right away.  Something with alpha hydroxy acid is good and I've used eczema balm myself.  hydrocortisone cream can help too.  Seeing a dermatologist would be a good idea.  Then you an make sure this is what is going on (although it sure does sound like it). Picking is an absolute no no and it can leave scaring. good luck
Thank you! And unfortunately I don't, I just
told don't have enough time to go to therapy.
Also, I do have eczema, so this actually makes a lot of sense. Again, thank you so much!! c:
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Sm, Is eczema balm something common to find at a pharmacy, or is it a prescription item? I have a scaly patch on my scalp that my derm prescribed an expensive tube of hydrocortisone cream for, but nothing much has changed. I'd love to take a different approach just to see if something new would work better.

Veronyka, living with anxiety is much harder than going to the trouble and spending the time to get therapy for anxiety. Please reconsider the "I don't have enough time" mindset. You're basically sentencing yourself if you need therapy and don't get it. Are you saying you don't have time to have a better life? Please keep it in mind for the future if you can't bring it to pass now, it can help so tremendously much.
You're right. Lately I've taken up baking, which seems to help. But, I will get in touch with a therapist.
It will seem at first like you're not getting very far very fast, but it will amaze you when you look back after only a short time how much you have managed to change, and to release yourself from the pain caused by anxiety.
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