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I had a tubal 3 yrs ago. Last 2 periods were 5 wks apart with spotting in between.

I’m 37
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Are you asking if you are pregnant?  Or about the bleeding?  Trying to figure out what you are wondering about. Your cycle could just be out o whack due to hormones getting out of balance.  It happens.  Or if you are having unprotected sex which I'd expect you are considering tubal ligations are supposed to be permanent sterilization  . . . but unfortunately, sometimes women still get pregnant after.  The clamp an come loose if you have that method of tubal or scar tissue can form in such a way it is like reforming of the tube if you had the tubes severed. Either way, you will want to check on pregnancy to make sure you aren't pregnant .  Pregnancy after tubal happens infrequently but when it does, it is very often a tubal pregnancy which is not viable and can be life threatening to the mother.  So, take a pregnancy test and you can discuss with your doctor your irregular cycle if you aren't. good luck
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