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I had unprotected sex with two different guys. What are the risks?

I had unprotected sex with two different guys.
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If you are a student, as your earlier post says, is there a student-health center that can send you to a counselor? I think that the doctors (though they said it in a way that made you feel terrible and criticized) might have been saying that you need support, and a counseling center will give you that support. I would certainly take advantage of it if it is available to you. The counselor can help you decide whether to report the second guy for forcing you to have sex. That is illegal, but sometimes women just can't bear to go through the process of reporting. A good counselor would be able to help you figure out what to do.
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Thank you for responding my queries, it helped quell my anxiety a lot. Thanks. I will take a STD test when it is convenient.
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Well, for one thing, the Plan B probably worked, and you probably didn't get pregnant from these encounters. So take that worry off your plate unless something unusual happened. The timing was good to *not* get pregnant if all the sex was at the time when you took Plan B.

Regarding STDs, if both guys were insistent on not wearing a condom (and besides, one was a rapist), your odds of getting something undesirable from one of them are better than if they were guys who care about women. So, go to a nicer doctor, say you had a forced encounter with someone who did not wear a condom (there is no particular reason to say it was with two guys if the doctors are going to judge you), and ask for the full raft of tests for sexually transmitted disease. Here's from Planned Parenthood about when to do tests: "It can take 3 months for HIV to show up on a test, but it only takes a matter of days to a few weeks for STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis to show up." So, you could go in a few weeks, and then maybe go in 3 months for the HIV test.

Regarding the doctors telling you that you have problems, that's blaming the victim for the attack. Call a sexual-assault support hotline if you want to get your head clear about it being the men's fault and not your fault.

You say you have "no support" right now. What does that mean exactly? Do you have somewhere to live? Are you in danger of this kind of thing happening to you again? If so, you might also see if you can find a women's shelter. You shouldn't be in a place where you will be vulnerable to predators.
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I had unprotected sex with two different guys within a week. The first time, I was feeling like it. The second time, I was pressured by a guy.

I had my first menses on 29 of January and did sex on 8 February and 10 February respectively. My menstruation cycle usually lasts for a month.

Both claimed that the pull-out method will avoid pregnancy, and forced themselves on me without a condom.

One of them did not cum inside me and used the pull-out method. Another claimed that he did not cum inside my *****, but I'm not sure if it was true.

I took plan B after the first encounter, and has sex with the second guy in between my plan B medication (there are two pills for the plan B).

My stomach and ***** are very painful right now, I had nausea and I feel pain while trying to pee. I am extremely worried about STD and pregnancy. I feel extremely regretful that I had unprotected sex without a condom.

I went to the doctors three times. The doctors judged me heavily as if I did something extremely wrong. They've told me that girls shouldn't be sleeping around. They insisted that there was something wrong with me and that I needed to get mental help immediately. None of them truly wanted to clear my doubts when I asked them questions. It has made me feel more afraid and terrible.

Do you know the likelihood of me getting pregnant or contracting STD?

Should I talk to the guys about it? One of them said that he didn't want to meet with me anymore, making it difficult to talk to him.

I have read about the abortion options and they sounded really expensive. I have no mental or emotional support right now. I don't know what to do. I would highly appreciate it if someone can clear my doubts. Thank you.

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