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I have a bump on my Clitoris. Should I be worried?

Okay so, I'm 15, not sexually active, and never been to the gyno. About a week ago I got a UTI. Around that time a small lump appeared  on the clit. It has grown in size since then (this started around monday or Tuesday ((its now Saturday)) and has started to become quite painful. Its raw and hard to the touch, it hurts when my legs are close together (which has become quite inconvenient since now i have to sit with my legs farily open). Im worried it could be something bad. Should I see a doctor? If so can I go to  a regular ER or do I need to make an appointment for the gynaecologist? Im not sure If i can wait till Monday to get it checked, my pain tolerance is really low lol. Another thing, I really hate talking about these kinds of things because im awkward and shy. i have not yet told my Mom because I have no idea how to bring it up.
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Well, if you had a UTI and could tell your mom about that, this should be the same kind of thing.  You're not sexually active so a bump is just 'another thing' that is happening down there.  Tell your mom. You can say "I had that UTI and NOW, I have this painful bump". She'll ask where and just tell her.  You have to have a go to person and your mom wants to be it.  I'm a mom, moms want to help.  

It could be a cyst, ingrown hair, etc. Keep fingers off it so it doesn't get infected. And if it doesn't get better, you'll need to see your doc.  Hot to the touch and painful is a sign of something infected.
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